Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Engagement Rumors Silenced After She’s Caught In ‘Cheating Scandal’?

Are Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Tom Hiddleston planning to get married after just two months of dating?

According to the cover of an Us Weekly magazine weeks ago, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are “rushing into romance” as Hiddleston prepares to propose.

Life with boyfriend Tom Hiddleston “has been a dream come true,” a Taylor Swift source revealed to Us Weekly in July. “He’s so romantic, classic and chivalrous, and he’s doing everything right.”

After debuting their romance during a beach outing in Rhode Island in June, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston visited England, Italy and Australia, where Hiddleston has been seen frequently due to his ongoing filming duties for the upcoming film Thor 3.

“Tom is planning to propose very soon,” said the insider. And, “[Taylor Swift] would definitely say yes… Taylor’s totally into him. She is so swept off her feet.”

Taylor Swift’s romance with Hiddleston has been a hot topic in the media for the past several weeks and some have slammed the singer for moving on so quickly from her 15-month relationship with Calvin Harris. That said, Taylor Swift appears to be unbothered by the drama and continues to flaunt her new romance around the globe.

While Taylor Swift appears to be doing her best to avoid the drama that has come her way, which includes a shocking video tape shared by Kim Kardashian in which she was heard talking to Kanye West about his “Famous” lyrics (she previously denied speaking to him), she continues to face rumors regarding her relationship.

Following news of her allegedly upcoming engagement, Taylor Swift has been met by claims of cheating after she was spotted out with Mike Hess at a party in The Hamptons.

“[Tom Hiddleston] was initially furious and blew up at [Taylor Swift],” an insider revealed to Heat, via a report on August 16 by OK! Magazine. “She said it was just fun for Mike’s birthday, but it turned into a proper row.”

During the party, Taylor Swift was caught kissing Hess on the cheek while on stage and although the peck was believed to be innocent, the source claimed Hiddleston was furious at Swift’s behavior.

“[Taylor Swift] was crying, saying she was just trying to make the birthday boy feel special but Tom made it clear he wasn’t happy with the speculation the video caused and that it made her look like she was single, not someone in a relationship,” the source continued.

In response to the Heat report, a source spoke to Gossip Cop, claiming the allegations against Taylor Swift were “not true.”

In addition to her relationship with Hiddleston, Taylor Swift also has a new home. Months ago, the singer purchased a house in Beverly Hills for $25 million dollars and has been renovating the home ever since. According to a report by the Daily Mail in April, Taylor Swift’s 11,000 square foot historic home has an impressive list of former owners, including Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable and Marlene Dietrich. However, it was originally built in 1934 by famed architect Douglas Honnold for film producer Samuel Goldwyn, the G in MGM.

While it is unclear what exactly Taylor Swift is planning to do to the mansion, ariel shots of the home appear to show that she is replacing the roof. The Daily Mail also suggested Taylor Swift was updating features inside the home, citing a large garbage skiff filled with old building materials as evidence.

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