WWE News: Roman Reigns Back On Top After ‘Raw,’ Wins At SummerSlam?

The latest bit of WWE news, as we go roaring into SummerSlam, is that despite previous assertions, troubled star Roman Reigns will indeed take home a win at his much anticipated SummerSlam match against Rusev!

Bleacher Report is the first outlet to report about this prediction, and this bit of WWE news is nothing if not welcome for the fans of the controversial superstar. However, if the tide of popular opinion has turned in his favor, it’s because of the results of Raw on Monday night. If you take a look at their fight — without taking into account any previous rivalries, problems, or storylines that these two had — they put on (in BR‘s words) “a hell of a show.”

Needless to say, Reigns took home the “win” during the match, but it didn’t matter, because you saw how well the two wrestlers worked together during this match. And in so doing, the two have brought some much-needed attention to the WWE news’ fledgling U.S. Championship belt, a relatively new belt introduced by “Mankind” Mick Foley to drum up further interest in wrestling. Unlike last week’s Raw, where the rivalry between the two came as a result of a smashed wedding cake (not that it’s not a nice thing to defend your wife’s honor — and certainly, it’s hard to understand why Rusev is considered the “heel” here, rather than Roman Reigns, who not only plays the heel well, but who really is the bad guy here), Rusev and Roman’s rivalry on this week’s Raw was all about the sportsmanship of the game, and these two played it quite well.

Similar WWE news reports are equally favorable to Roman Reigns. WrestleZone is another outlet that has favorable predictions for Roman Reigns, whose review of the show made clear that the WWE is back in the news again thanks to Reign’s successful Raw win earlier this week. In fact, they go so far as to say that the reason there’s another tag team match on the SummerSlam card — bringing the Pay-Per-View match to almost four hours, and making it almost like WrestleMania — is because of the successful win of Roman Reigns against Rusev. You could say, then, that Roman Reigns is bringing a much-renewed interest in the WWE!

And this bit of WWE news is very different from the WWE news presented by ABC News, who still feel that despite his strides made, Roman Reigns is still a problem for the organization. In their latest story about the WWE superstar, the outlet has said that Reigns is more of a “problem child” for the WWE than he is anything else.

And certainly, we need to be fair in asserting that Reigns is not a perfect athlete; he was suspended for violating the WWE’s wellness policy, which is very much the equivalent of getting an asterisk by your name in football or baseball – you’re a great athlete, but there’s this little problem here…

However, the rest of ABC News‘ assertions — all of which form the opinion that Reigns isn’t an asset to the company — are a bit unfair. Sure, he could stand to get his heel storyline developed, but to say that Reigns would be nothing to the company without his current battle against Rusev – for which, ironically, ABC News is still willing to concede that he will most likely win – is a bit unfair.

Do you agree with the latest WWE news that Roman Reigns will win against Rusev at SummerSlam? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image via WWE.com]