WWE News: The Undertaker Could Be Returning At ‘WWE SummerSlam’

Since WrestleMania 32, there has been a lot of speculation within the WWE Universe about the future of The Undertaker’s career. After his Hell in a Cell match with Shane McMahon in Dallas, Undertaker has been a ghost on WWE programming. That isn’t surprising to the WWE fans, because he’s not necessary to the product in their eyes until WrestleMania season.

However, the speculation surrounding his status with WWE has been running wild because Undertaker was reportedly telling people that his match at WrestleMania 32 would be the final one of his career. It’s not the first time that news has been rumored, but a lot of fuel was added to that fire when it was rumored that Undertaker and Vince McMahon were angry with one another.

Apparently, the two sides aren’t seeing eye to eye on the development of The Undertaker character on WWE programming, and there is said to be a lot of debate between the two men about WrestleMania 33 next year in Orlando. Currently, Undertaker’s record is at WrestleMania is 23-1. If he has a match next year in Orlando, it would be the twenty-fifth match of The Deadman’s career at the event. That seems like an incredible opportunity to waste considering it may never happen again in WWE history.

Vince McMahon and The Undertaker Have Been Said to Be at Each Others Throats Since Wrestlemania
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As the WWE Universe continues to speculate about the future of The Undertaker in WWE, the product has undergone a dramatic shift and a brand extension. Even if The Undertaker returns to WWE programming, he’ll have to be aligned with Raw or SmackDown. As of this writing, Undertaker remains brandless and is considered a “free agent” by the WWE Universe.

The latest update about his status with the company as WWE SummerSlam approaches this weekend was that if he were to return to WWE, it would set up a feud and match with John Cena for WrestleMania 33. Although there are several creative possibilities left for The Undertaker on the overall WWE roster, Cena vs. Undertaker is a major money match that would be a tragedy for the WWE Universe never to see on the grandest stage of them all.

All the rumors were expecting WWE to finally pull the trigger on that epic match taking place at WrestleMania 32 in front of over one hundred thousand people. Unfortunately, Cena’s shoulder injury forced him to miss the first Wrestlemania event of his career, which also canceled the potentially last chance to see that matchup if Undertaker has truly hung up his boots for good.

Despite all the logic against it, much stranger things have happened in the wrestling industry, and it’s not out of the question for The Undertaker to make an appearance sooner rather than later to set up the feud with Cena. The speculation is at an all-time high, and nothing is confirmed as of this writing. However, some news has come to light claiming that The Undertaker may be appearing on WWE programming as early as this Sunday at WWE SummerSlam.

The Undertaker vs John Cena Could Be On the Horizon
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According to a rumor from CageSideSeats, Undertaker could make an appearance at WWE SummerSlam and maybe even get involved in the match between John Cena and AJ Styles. The match is expected to steal the show and become one of the most important matches in WWE history. However, that would be guaranteed if it also becomes the catalyst for Cena vs. The Undertaker that would most likely serve as the latter’s finale in his historic 25th WrestleMania appearance and match.

Regardless of how the return of The Deadman would impact Cena vs. Styles, the build to WrestleMania 33 would begin, and the WWE fans would know almost a year ahead of time what WWE was planning for the event. There are a lot of factors going into Vince McMahon and WWE being able to pull off this match, especially if it is going to be penciled onto the card as early as this Sunday night. Undertaker’s status is complex enough, but Cena brings some complications of his own to the situation.

John Cena continues to pledge his loyalty to WWE, but his commitments outside of WWE are going to force him to take some time off very soon. Due to “American Grit” getting a second season with FOX, Cena is expected to be away from WWE television for a few months this fall. The latest word out of the rumor mill is WWE officials are already planning any changes to WWE TV while Cena is on his hiatus, so Undertaker may have factored into those plans to effectively take Cena off WWE programming.

On paper, the only thing that stopped WWE from booking Cena vs. Undertaker last year was the former’s injury. In order for the match to become a reality for WrestleMania 33, WWE is going to have to play the feud very close to the chest, especially if the build will begin roughly eight months early. WWE SummerSlam is going to be a historic night, but The Undertaker’s return to WWE to set up Cena vs. The Deadman for WrestleMania 33 would make it a benchmark for wrestling and WWE history.

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