Illegal Immigrant Tried To Enter Spain Disguised As A Car Seat

One of the most ingenius attempts to ever get into a country failed miserably on Friday evening when a 20-year-old man from Guinea hid inside the material of a passenger seat as another individual sat on top of him and tried to act as if everything was normal.

Police caught him as he looked to sneak into the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco over the Beni-Enzar crossing inside a Renault 7 automobile. Those involved had carved out the interior of the seat and then left the frame, which the man could just about squeeze inside of.

Of course, officers then had to assist the immigrant in getting out of the chair but did find time to praise his efforts as “unique and innovative.”

His friends, two Moroccan men aged 21 and 23, have now been arrested and will appear in court charged with smuggling. I’d love to hear their defence. Unfortunately, their companion was also detained and has now been thrown out of the country and will no doubt be thinking of a fresh way to get into Spain.

Their plan seemed to be going smoothly up until a civil guard noticed that there was movement from under the cover of the seat and decided to investigate further.

Civil Guards have detected 14 vehicles with double bottoms that have had people hidden inside them since the beginning of 2012, and a total of 22 have been arrested. What other ways could the man have tried to get into the country? Coud he have posed as an engine? Or maybe even squeezed inside the glove compartment?