Britney Spears: Representatives Deny Jason Trawick Cheating Allegations

Britney Spears Jason Trawick Cheating Rumors

Representatives for Britney Spears have fired back against allegations that her boyfriend Jason Trawick recently cheated on the X Factor judge. According to the Examiner, rumors that Spears’ beau was busted with an “exotic dancer” are apparently 100 percent false. Should the stories surrounding Trawick’s infidelity turn out to be true, they could throw a very large monkey wrench into the couple’s plan for wedded bliss.

In the October 1 issue of Star magazine, a source explained that Jason Trawick was seen hanging out with no less than two young ladies at the W Hotel in Hollywood, California. After offering to buy the women a drink, the trio embarked on an adventure to the Kinky Room event at an area nightclub. According to Gossip Cop, that’s when things got frisky between Trawick and his companions.

“He had his hands all over her. Meanwhile, Alina was dancing in a cage with whips and chains, looking at Jason the entire time. When he wasn’t canoodling with Marina, he was gawking at Alina,” an anonymous source explained to the magazine.

The drunken conclusion to this alleged evening of drunken debauchery: An intoxicated trip to W Hotel for even more late-night shenanigans. Before long, the story was picked up by the tabloid, causing much stress for Britney Spears and her former agent.

Not surprisingly, a representative for the X Factor judge described the Justin Trawick rumors to be “erroneous embellishment.” Although another anonymous source explained that Trawick and the aforementioned women were hanging out on the night in question, he swears that alcoholic beverages were avoided and nothing inappropriate went down.

Once again, it’s always best to err on the side of caution when dealing with information from so-called “anonymous sources.” Until someone produces solid evidence that Britney Spears’ boyfriend is on the prowl, giving the guy the benefit of the doubt is probably the right course of action.

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