‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kiki Faces Complications, Sam Questions Jason, Nina Has A Request, And Carly Pleads With Nelle

There’s drama on the way with Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers share that Sam and Jason will be considering their future, and Ava’s antics regarding Kiki and Morgan’s relationship continue. Paul will pop up in the August 16 show, and Nina has a big project in mind for Curtis. In addition, Carly will connect further with Nelle, and Josslyn has an intense reaction to the news about her kidney.

As everybody saw on Monday, enough information came together to lead Carly and the others to believe that Nelle is Josslyn’s kidney donor. General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that as a result, Carly will talk with Nelle and try to convince her to stay in Port Charles.

While Carly may be glad to have some answers about the transplant, Josslyn will end up being quite upset. She had been told that the search had been called off, and she ends up very angry over being misled. As for Nelle, viewers suspect that there is more to her than what has been revealed so far, and the buzz is that she will stick around for a while. Could she become a new love interest for Michael?

Ava is determined to get Kiki away from Morgan, but so far, her efforts have not been successful. GH teasers hint that she will try to utilize Dillon and his feelings for Kiki as a way to push Morgan to the side, but Dillon will be resistant to her efforts. He does want to be with Kiki, but it seems he will not be willing to coordinate with Ava to make it happen. Can she manage to sway him?

Morgan is working hard to stay healthy, but General Hospital spoilers note that he will be talking with Andre and admitting that he is scared. In addition, Kiki ends up in some kind of situation where she is left worried about something. As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, it seems that she’ll be in the parking garage at the Metro Court, and she may be having car trouble. The buzz is that Dillon saves the day by helping her, and this gives her an opportunity to reflect on some of her sweet times with Dillon as they were first getting acquainted.

Paul pops up in this next episode, and he is startled by Tracy in some way. Finn will be talking with Rachel a bit again, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Nina will be trying to convince Curtis to help find a baby for her. She has been desperate to become a mother, and she wants Curtis to help her with a new plan.

Many fans believe that she already has a daughter and just doesn’t know it. While people have thought for some time now that Kiki could be Nina’s daughter, some are also starting to speculate that Nelle could end up being Nina’s instead. Will Curtis agree to help Nina or turn down her crazy request?

Sam told Jason about the pregnancy, and while she remains quite nervous, he is anxious to believe things will work out, and he proposed to her. General Hospital spoilers note that she will question whether he is sure about this, and she may hesitate slightly on accepting. However, it looks like she will end up saying yes.

Is there more to Nelle than meets the eye? Will Nina manage to realize her dream of becoming a mother? Are Sam and Jason going to be welcoming a healthy baby into their family? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are big moments on the way, and fans won’t want to miss what comes next.

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