August 24, 2016
Russia Builds Underground Bunkers Strong Enough To Survive A Nuclear War

The Russians are reportedly building dozens of underground bunkers. The bunkers are not just simple underground storage units. They reportedly have been constructed in a manner that would allow them to survive a nuclear war.

A shocking report by United States intelligence officials also revealed the nuclear-proof bunkers have been under construction for several years in Russia, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

"Russia is getting ready for a big war which they assume will go nuclear, with them launching the first attacks," former Pentagon nuclear policy official Mark Schneider said. "We are not serious about preparing for a big war, much less a nuclear war."

Since the Cold War ended, both Russia and the United States had been working to reduce their respective nuclear arsenals. However, news of the underground bunkers and reports of enhanced missile production in the former Soviet Union have caused concern among some national security and intelligence officials.

Russia built similar underground bunkers during the peak of the Cold War, the Daily Mail reports. The bunkers were reportedly built underground in both Moscow and in the Ural Mountains.

Designed to sustain an atomic blast, the underground bunkers are also reportedly being built in Moscow. A report from the state-run media in Russia maintains the project is part of a "new national security strategy."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vladimir Putin vowed to possess both the largest and best-equipped military in the world by 2020.

"Support for our strategic nuclear forces to ensure their high military capability combined with growth of the military potential of the general forces will assure that [the United States and NATO] do not gain military superiority over our country," said Russian General Valery Gerasimov. "Western countries are actively using new forms of aggression, combining military as well as non-military means. Political, economic and information methods are also being used."

The Russian bunkers are reportedly costing the nation billions. According to the Daily Mail, some are wondering if Putin is using aid funds from the United States to help cover the construction costs. Military and intelligence experts are predicting American officials will respond to the stunning turn of events by creating new deep-penetrating nuclear weapons that are capable of reaching and destroying the underground bunkers.

The report about the underground bunkers was revealed just as Russian military officials increased nuclear war rhetoric via state-run media.

"It is clear that Russia is modernizing its strategic forces," said NATO's Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, General Curtis Scaparrotti. "Russian doctrine states that tactical nuclear weapons may be used in a conventional response scenario. This is alarming and it underscores why our country's nuclear forces and NATO's continues to be a vital component of our deterrence."

Scaparrotti also said Russia is planning on utilizing "low-yield nuclear weapons" in any and all future military conflicts. The general went on to say officials in Moscow are confident that western nations would not respond to such an attack by deploying their own nuclear weapons.

The general's comments seem to indicate Vladimir Putin and his advisers might view America and other Western nations as weak and unwilling to press the button if under attack.

General Scaparrotti is urging governments in the West to take the nuclear war threat from Russia seriously. As a Newsmax report notes, the Obama administration is expected to soon render a decision on a declaration that would prevent the United States from using nuclear weapons on enemies who deploy conventional weapons during a conflict with America.

What do you think about the Russian underground bunkers built to withstand a nuclear war? Is World War 3 looming on the horizon?

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