What Happened To Jordan Ann Dumont?

Authorities in Gaston County, North Carolina are searching for Jordan Ann Dumont. The 3-year-old girl has been missing since around 1:00 p.m., Monday, and still hasn’t been found after several hours of fruitless searching. WSOCTV News reports that the last person to see the missing tot was her mother’s boyfriend.

Three-year-old Jordan Dumont was last seen at around 1:00 p.m. when she was put down for a nap. When the boyfriend of the missing toddler’s mother woke up from his own nap, he reportedly noticed that the door of the home was open — and little Jordan Ann Dumont was missing. She was reported missing shortly after 3:00 p.m. There was reportedly one other child in the home at the time of Jordan’s disappearance, but the other child has been accounted for. Authorities in Gaston County say that they believe the man was asleep when the child vanished.

The Charlotte Observer reports that the search for Jordan Dumont has ended for Monday night, but will resume again on Tuesday. Meanwhile, authorities have explained to the public that an Amber Alert hasn’t been issued due to the child’s disappearance not meeting the necessary criteria. In order for an Amber Alert to be issued in the state of North Carolina, there must be probable cause to believe the child has been abducted.

While authorities investigate the disappearance of the 3-year-old child, speculation is running wild on social media — especially surrounding the circumstances of the toddler’s disappearance. Even though authorities have expressed the belief that the boyfriend of Jordan’s mother was asleep, some people are expressing suspicion. That could be due to other disappearances of similar nature that have come with suspicious circumstances over the past few years.

One similar disappearance was the disappearance of Kansas City baby, Lisa Irwin. The young infant went missing from her parents’ home in October 2011, while her mother allegedly “blacked out” from drinking alcohol. The mother of the missing baby, Deborah Bradley, told police that someone came in through a bedroom window to kidnap the infant — only to walk right out the front door. However, when authorities attempted to reenact this alleged kidnapping, they found that nobody could have entered through the particular window without alerting neighbors and inhabitants to their presence.

In 2011, a Maine baby by the name of Ayla Reynolds was reported missing from her father’s Waterford home. The father of the missing baby told police that someone broke into the home and kidnapped his daughter, but authorities found absolutely no signs of forced entry. Furthermore, more evidence gathered at the home indicated that the father — and his family members — may have known more than what they claimed about Ayla’s disappearance. Her case, like Lisa Irwin’s, remains unsolved.

What happened to the missing 3-year-old Jordan Ann Dumont? While authorities continue searching for her, the answers to questions like that remain unclear. Hopefully, the search for this missing toddler ends on a personal note, but as the clock keeps ticking, the search for this little girl will become more and more urgent.

[Image via Gaston County Sheriff]