Book Claims That Gadhafi Regularly Kidnapped And Raped Schoolgirls

We already know that Moammar Gadhafi had a sexual appetite requiring doing things we’d rather not imagine Moammar Gadhafi doing with four to five women each day, but a new book is claiming that the fallen dictator would abduct schoolgirls and rape them between mundane daily habits like checking his email.

According to the Daily Mail, French reporter Annick Cojean alleges that the Colonel beat and raped kidnapped schoolgirls he used as sex slaves his book Prey: In Gadhafi’s Harem. The tome includes a testimony by one of Gadhafi’s “sex slaves,” a girl named Soraya who was selected by the dictator during a school visit. Soraya says that after receiving “sex lessons” by Gadhafi, she would be subjected to rape, beatings, and other unpleasantness for a period of abuse lasting five years.

Soraya also claims that Gadhafi would urinate on her, and that she was told to “watch and learn” while another girl performed oral sex on the Libyan dictator. She was given pornographic films as “homework.”

She also says that Gadhafi would get bored with girls and turn to raping boys, sometimes while she watched. Furthermore, Gadhafi’s many victims are still suffering long after the dictator’s death, as they have been rejected by their families for engaging in premarital sex.

Soraya is particularly worried about her safety, saying that she fears her brothers will “wipe away the shame” by murdering her.

Cojean says in the book that “For Gadhafi, rape was a weapon,” that he used to dominate women “but also men, by possessing their wives and daughters.”

Is the world better off without Moammar Gadhafi?