Blind Poodle Gets A New Shot At Life Thanks To Hope For Paws [Video]

Los Angeles, CA – A stray blind poodle was found aimlessly wandering the streets and was adopted by a loving California couple. The poor dog was also hungry and covered with fleas and dirt. After a lengthy bath and a flea treatment, the injured animal was on the road to recovery but still could not see. The foster pet parents went above and beyond to do right by their new furry family member and had sight restored to one of the dog’s eyes.

Audrey and Eldad Hagar found the blind poodle wandering around a South Los Angeles trash pile, the New York Daily News reports. Fortunately for the struggling canine that was eventually named Fiona, the Hagar’s are founders of the Hope For Paws animal rescue organization. The dog lovers quickly realized that the mixed breed poodle was blind. She froze in fear and immediately urinated when they gently reached out to touch the terrified creature.

When Hagar’s were finally able to pick up Fiona, they took her home and slowly shaved off her extremely tangled fur. The experienced animal rescuers called their new charge’s flea infestation the worst they have even encountered.

An enormous fundraising effort to garner the money needed for vision restoration paid off. Unfortunately, one of Fiona’s eye was too badly damage to be saved. After the lucky pooch was finally restored to full health, she found a forever home with Chris and Michele Gentry. CNN host Anderson Cooper was moved by a touching video Eldad Hagar posted online of the abandoned animal’s recovery process, the Huffington Post reports. After Fiona made her television appearance on Cooper’s show, Pet Smart donated $5,000 to the Hope For Paws rescue organization.

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