Could ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Be A Videogame? Netflix Series Producer Hints At 8-Bit Video Game, Fans Design Concept Art

Stranger Things Season 2 could take an altogether different form than the one envisioned by fans of the cult Netflix drama. Producer Ross Duffer has said that he’d really like to take Stranger Things in the direction of a video game, feeling that the whole concept of the show is well suited to gamers. Whilst the idea of a Stranger Things video game likely won’t materialize out of Duffer’s comments, that hasn’t stopped fans from imagining what Stranger Things would look like as an 8-bit retro-styled video game.

According to IGN, while Netflix is yet to officially renew Stranger Things for a second season, that hasn’t stopped the show’s producers making plans. While Season 2 of the show would likely return to Netflix, a video game tie-in is still a very real possibility.

For the show’s second season, Matt and Ross Duffer have expressed that they’d likely have to jump forward a year in the storyline, but they wouldn’t want fans to miss out on that year of the story altogether. With that in mind, they’d consider using other mediums to tell the story of the leap, with Ross sold on the idea of a video game, saying “What I really want is a video game.” While a video game would be the producers’ preferred medium, they noted that many fans had expressed interest in a comic book.

According to Digital Spy, the pair even went on to envisage what a Stranger Things video game would look like. Matt Duffer added that he’d been incredibly impressed by the 8-bit concept art made by fans, saying “Like an 8-bit… These fans, a lot of them have done this 8-bit video game art that’s blowing my mind.” Stranger Things is, of course, set in the 80s, an era well known for the advent of 8-bit video games, explaining why a retro style would be the perfect fit for a video game set in that particular era.


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Whilst the Duffer brothers are sold on the idea of a Stranger Things video game, that doesn’t mean it will materialize anytime soon. Before any plans are formally made, it’s likely that the producers would look to get Stranger Things Season 2 under their belts, assuming that Netflix gives them the green light for it. At the same time, the show’s producers have said that they’re currently pushing Netflix to release merchandise from the series, given the cult following that it has attracted since the series began.

Of course, if Stranger Things was given a video game release, it wouldn’t be the first TV series to make the jump to the video games console. Telltale Games has seen a considerable deal of success through its episodic adventure games based on TV shows, including Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

With Telltale Games’ experience in the industry taken into account, the producers of Stranger Things could very well approach them in order to develop a TV series based on the video game. In fact, Telltale Games and the Duffer brothers storytelling ability are something of a perfect match. However, it’s still an incredibly early time for the idea of a Stranger Things video game, but it’s clearly an idea that the producers of the popular Netflix series are thinking about, and that’ll be good enough for some fans.

[Image via Netflix]