‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail’s New Looks Explained By Wild New Storyline?

Days of Our Lives fans are currently waiting for the NBC soap to return after the end of the 2016 Olympics in Rio. However, with the promise of big drama coming this fall, everyone wants to know what will happen in Salem when the soap beings airing again.

One of the biggest storylines will be that of Chad and Abigail. When viewers last got a peek into the lives of the Salem residents, Chad DiMera had found out that his wife, Abigail Deveraux, had been on an airplane that had crashed, leaving no survivors.

Days of Our Lives fans then watched as Chad began to fall apart, realizing that Abigail was dead and gone. Abby’s mother, Jennifer Horton, also seemed resigned to the fact that her little girl was gone for good.

However, viewers know that Abigail isn’t dead and gone. In fact, the character is set to return to the soap in the very near future. Unfortunately, fan favorite actress, Kate Mansi, will no longer be in the role. The soap has cast actress Marci Miller as her replacement, and the new look of the character could lead to an interesting new storyline.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Marci Miller takes over for Kate Mansi this fall.
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As Days of Our Lives viewers know, Abigail has some serious mental issues, which stem from her murderous ex-fiance, Ben Weston, attacking her and trying to kill her on more than one occasion. Abigail checked herself into a mental hospital, which seemed to make matters worse. She escaped and no one has seen her since. When she returns she’ll look very different.

Will Abigail’s new look go unaddressed on the soap, like so many recasts do, or will the show find a way to work it into the storyline? One DOOL Facebook fan page theorized that Abigail could have went away and had plastic surgery as a way to hide herself in plain sight from Ben.

Usually when soap operas recast characters with new actors and actresses they just go on as if nothing has happened. However, sometimes they do give an explanation for why a character looks different, and Days of Our Lives has done this in the past with the characters of John Black, Roman Brady, and Philip Kiriakis.

According to Soap Hub, fans are torn about the new Abigail, and not everyone agrees with the casting choice of Marci Miller for Kate Mansi. An online poll revealed that over half of the viewers who voted admitted to being nervous about the recast, and many said they didn’t think that anyone but Mansi was right for the role.

Days of Our LIves Season 51 begins airing this fall.
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However, Days of Our Lives viewers may be forgetting that Kate Mansi wasn’t the original Abigail. In fact, the role has been held by a few actresses in the past, most famously Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson. The role of Abigail’s husband, Chad DiMera, which is currently played by Billy Flynn, was originated by actor Casey Dietrich, but fans have flocked to Flynn, and now love the actor in the role.

Meanwhile, while fall is set to bring Marci Miller to Salem as Abigail, there will also be more huge drama in store. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the new Days of Our Lives fall preview reveals that Theresa and Brady’s life may be about to change forever.

In the promo, Brady and Theresa are seen getting their son, Tate, back after he was shockingly kidnapped. The parents will be overjoyed by the reunion, but want justice for those who took the child from them. Brady is then seen revealing that his own grandfather, Victor Kiriakis, will be charged in the kidnapping.

Sadly, that’s not all for the fan favorite couple. Their wedding day will also be ruined when some escaped prisoners, including Clyde Weston and Xander Harris, return to Salem. Xander wants revenge on Theresa, and plans to take her life. Since actress Jen Lilley has confirmed she’s leaving the show, Days of Our Lives fans are worried about the future of her character, Theresa Donovan.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Do you think Abigail’s new look will be addressed?

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