Hillary Clinton Health: Conspiracy Theories Question If Clinton Is Fit To Be President?

The number of Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories continues to rise. It shouldn’t be surprising since the Democratic nominee has been embroiled in controversy and conspiracy since the ’90s. Current conspiracy theories surrounding Clinton are primarily focused on her health. They have many questioning whether Clinton is fit to be president. Each day it seems there is a new health concern, disease, diagnosis or mystery death attributed to the former First Lady. Here are some of the latest health conspiracies plaguing Hillary Clinton.

Back in January, conservative bloggers speculated that Hillary Clinton suffered serious health issues. Clinton suffered from a blood clot near her brain and a concussion in 2012, as reported by CNN. The injuries have caused speculation that Clinton currently suffers seizures, permanent neurological atrophy and possible brain damage as a result of her prior medical issues. There are videos and photos floating around on the Internet that are used as proof to show Hillary Clinton’s health is in decline. After Clinton’s health scare and widespread speculation in 2016 of a medical cover-up, Breitbart wrote a piece titled “Law Enforcement Officials, Medical Professionals: There’s Something Seriously Wrong With Hillary Clinton’s Health.” Even HLN show host Dr. Drew Pinsky weighed in on Hillary’s health concerns.

One interesting aspect of the many Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories pertaining to her health is that back in 2012 many theorized she faked the concussion. Clinton’s concussion and diagnosis of a brain clot came at the time she was expected to testify in hearings regarding Benghazi. In July 2013, Glenn Beck spoke on his radio show about Hillary Clinton’s health issues as well as John Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz’s health concerns. Beck questioned if both Hillary and Teresa faked injuries. Beck also stated in 2013 that if Clinton had a heart or brain injury, she shouldn’t be running for president. Some conspiracy theories stated Clinton faked her illness in 2012. Current conspiracy theories say because of her 2012 injuries, her health has deteriorated making her unfit for the presidency.

While there is definite controversy between Conservatives and Republicans regarding where they stand on Hillary Clinton’s health issues, both sides agree that she is unfit to serve as president. On one side, those who believe she faked the concussion in order to avoid Benghazi hearings say she is unfit to serve due to moral incompetence. Hillary Clinton’s laughter at one point during the Benghazi hearings caused many to question her moral fitness as a presidential candidate.

For those who overlook her email scandal and alleged faking of a concussion to avoid Benghazi hearings, others believe Clinton is in fact unhealthy and therefore unfit to be president. Not only do they believe Clinton suffered a concussion and had a blood clot near her brain in 2012, they believe she has long-term damage that is getting worse with age.

Other conspiracy theories say that Hillary Clinton has frequent seizures and needs the anti-seizure medicine Diazepam on hand 24/7. Photos and videos have caused many to believe that a man often seen by Hillary Clinton’s side is not a Secret Service agent, but rather Clinton’s personal doctor. You may see video and photos of him below. Many believe he is holding a Diazepam pen, ready to give Clinton an injection should a seizure suddenly grip her.

Some believe Hillary Clinton is both morally and physically unfit to be POTUS.

While not everyone agrees that Hillary Clinton is at death’s door, many do agree that she should make her medical records public. Clinton has demonstrated disturbing behavior and at the age of 68-years-old, her health is naturally declining. She has suffered a blood clot near the brain and that is a documented health issue. Ben Carson spoke to Sean Hannity and shared his reasons why Clinton and Trump should release their medical records.

What do you think? Do you agree with the conspiracy theories regarding Hillary Clinton’s health? Is Hillary Clinton fit to be president?

[Image via Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock]