‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Is It Game Over For Paulie?

Things in the Big Brother house have been turned upside down over the last week. Double eviction is always stressful for the contestants, but this particular one did some damage to one player’s psyche. Since finding out he is Victor’s target, Paulie Calafiore has seemingly lost his mind. From crying fits to rants filled with rage, there hasn’t been a dull moment in the BB house since Friday when the nominations were revealed to the house. The live eviction is still days away and it doesn’t seem like the drama is going to slow down at all.

The Power of Veto (POV) competition was held on Saturday. It happened to be a Big Brother luxury competition and Victor won the coveted veto. This means that Paulie will be sent to the jury house on Thursday night. All of the players received either a prize or punishment, and as it turns out, Calafiore ended up having to do something with a pie. Up until just a few hours ago, he had been refusing to participate in what he was supposed to do. According to a tweet from Big Brother Leak, Paulie has been ignoring what he is supposed to do and refusing to go to the diary room when called. This is unacceptable in the BB game and could end up with him being kicked off the show. If production decides to step in and remove him, there will be no live eviction on Thursday night. Self-evicting would be more dignified at this point, however, it doesn’t look like that will be the case.

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Paulie is going to have to answer for a lot once he gets out of the Big Brother house. Things didn’t go so well for Aaryn Gries after she made racist remarks while in the house, and when she got out, she received a lot of backlash from America. While it has all blown over now, the first few months were tough for her. BB fans have been commenting across social media about how awful Calafiore is acting. He is not only disgracing himself, but his family as well. Cody was well-liked during his season and even after. Now that his brother has had a shot at playing the game and is acting like this, judgment is being passed on Cody too. It is one big mess, and it will likely end in disaster if Paulie doesn’t pull himself together and remain levelheaded.

As the night goes on, it is inevitable that there will be more drama in the Big Brother house. Paulie has to complete his pie task and head to the diary room. It was rumored that he was given a sedative earlier today to help calm him down, though there has been no concrete source on that other than hearsay. The BB game is intense and if you aren’t prepared for the backstabbing and lying that happens in the house, it could eat away at you. Calafiore keeps mentioning his brother, and Derrick, and the other players are getting annoyed with it. They are reminding him that he is playing his own game, but that seems to be lost on him.

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For now, Paulie still remains in the Big Brother house. He will definitely be headed to jury on Thursday night if he doesn’t self-evict or get kicked out before it happens. Last night, there was a conversation about Paulie seeing a psychiatrist. There is a mental health screening done before entering the house and he admitted to lying. While there is no way for anyone to verify his claims, many fans believe it is true. If this is the case and he was dishonest, he should be removed from the game and forced to forfeit his stipend. There are four more days before the live eviction and it looks like Paulie may not survive Big Brother long enough to be voted out.

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