Don’t Worry, Google Fiber Is Here To Stay

Google Fiber is costing Google Inc. more money than the company initially thought. Now, rumors are spreading that Google Inc.’s magnificent plan to transform the internet experience for all Americans will never come to life. What the rumors fail to inform on is that Google Fiber is already real.

People have assumed that Google Fiber is just a concept, mostly because Google Fiber is not fully available to the masses. However, residents of chosen cities, like Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Nashville, Provo, and Kansas City, are currently enjoying Google’s new high-speed wireless internet free of charge. As for the rest of the country, folks want to know, what’s stalling Google Fiber?

Google’s co-effort with Alphabet Inc. to bring wireless internet of a particularly higher speed than most services began a few months ago with their initial rollout. But according to the Wall Street Journal, the launch of Google Fiber involved wiring entire cities with fiber-optic cables, which was very costly. Based on a recent statement by Palo Alto, California’s Chief Technology Officer, Jonathan Reichental, both Google and Alphabet Inc. were in over their heads with Google Fiber.

“If you’re in the telecommunications industry for 150 years, there are no surprises here. But if you’re a software company getting into the business for the first time, this is a completely new world.”

[Photo by Orlin Wagner/AP Images] [Photo by Orlin Wagner/AP Images]

Google Fiber is a new form of technology for Google Inc. and Alphabet Inc., which is why the rollout of the new service has been such a hassle. But according to a recent statement by Alphabet Inc., the setbacks are minor and won’t stop the company from bringing Google Fiber to many more cities.

“We’re continuing to work with city leaders to explore the possibility of bringing Google Fiber to many cities. This means deploying the latest technologies in alignment with our product road map, while understanding local considerations and challenges, which takes time.”

So, speculation that Google Fiber will cease to exist couldn’t be more wrong. Google and Alphabet Inc. will not only continue service in the cities that already have it, they will improve the service as they continue to test its strength and reliability.

More importantly, technology experts believe that Google Fiber will be one of the most successful internet providers yet, not only because it’s said to be 30 times faster, but because it’s basically a welfare benefit for people of all income levels.

It’s Public Internet for the Government And Civilians

The benefit of Google Fiber over other internet providers is that city residents do not handle the cost of internet service at all. Google Fiber is a service for which city governments must apply and then chose how to distribute to the residents. So far, in places like Kansas City, Google Fiber is one hundred percent free to residents.

Google Fiber for the Cities

Recently, experts have expressed their excitement for the idea of public internet service, like Google Fiber, which can not only make the web accessible to all city residents but also make work for public employees easier and more efficient. Derick Lee, CEO of PilotCity recently explained some of the benefits that come along with installing Google Fiber in cities across America.

“If cities were to step back from their conventional fiber-centric way of thinking, they could build infrastructure with a fraction of the cost of traditional fiber and still deliver gigabit service citywide.”

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Google Fiber for City Service Workers

Other experts have weighed in on the benefits of using Google Fiber public internet for more expedient healthcare services. To back up this theory, Jory Wolf, Chief Information Officer of Santa Monica, California, used the example of emergency services.

“We could use wireless to transport data from the ambulance. Patients when they arrive, would get through the ER faster or actually go directly to their ultimate hospital treatment area.”

Being public is one great factor that leads to other benefits that some people, perhaps even Google and Alphabet Inc., never even expected.

Google Fiber Could Fix Some Socioeconomic Setbacks

There are still many people in the United States who do not have access to the internet because they either can’t afford it or they live in remote areas. However, due to the innovative Google Fiber product, the internet can be accessed in remote areas with no trouble. Also, the free cost solves the issue for low-income individuals. This is why Alphabet Inc. states that they will continue to progress in the rollout of Google Fiber, recently named America’s best internet provider.

“We continue to see Fiber as a huge market opportunity. We’re being thoughtful and deliberate in our execution path.”

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