Ivanka Trump Voting For Hillary Clinton? ‘It’s 100 Percent Clear’

Ivanka Trump is one of her father’s most trusted advisors, and many in the realms of political punditry believe that some of her father’s more progressive ideas come from her.

But there is also a lot coming from Donald that those close to Ivanka don’t recognize as originating from her — the rhetoric against illegal immigration, saying that Barack Obama is the founder of ISIS, calling on Second Amendment supporters to “stop” Hillary Clinton — whatever that means — if she appoints justices that undermine or overturn that part of the U.S. Constitution.

There is evidence that Ivanka Trump could be aligned more with Hillary and her good friend Chelsea Clinton than her own father.

For starters, few children grow up to think exactly the way their parents do on every issue. Ivanka Trump has been a driving force behind her father’s desire to treat women in the workplace with the same equality and respect as men are treated.

In her speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC), she highlighted as much as well as the need to make sure a woman’s motherhood never hinders her ability to excel in the workplace.

It’s an important issue to Ivanka Trump since she is both a mother and a successful entrepreneur, who advocates for women’s ability to “have it all,” so to speak.

But on the August 12 episode of Vox’s The Weeds podcast, there was some speculation that, while Ivanka is clearly working for her dad’s campaign, she may actually be voting in another direction.

One of Ezra Klein’s co-hosts noted how Ivanka Trump was “sort of ignoring the parts” of her father’s campaign that she didn’t want to talk about in public “because it’s either bad for her brand or she doesn’t agree with it.”

To that, Klein went one further and dropped this interesting prediction.

“I think it is 100 percent clear that if Donald Trump were not running for President, Ivanka Trump would be voting for Hillary Clinton. If you look at her public-facing persona, her agenda, it is the Hillary Clinton thing. I think one reason she will have trouble being a successful politician is she’s probably a Democrat and her family name is associated with Republican.”

There has been some speculation that Ivanka Trump might be interested in a career in politics following her father’s Presidential campaign run — the Weeds hosts are all but counting him out.

But with some of the anger that her dad’s campaign has stirred, it would be tough for her to be seen as genuine on anything but a GOP ticket, and she and the party are hardly aligned.

In fact, the younger Trump has carried on a close personal friendship with Chelsea Clinton for a number of years, and it was even reported in a recent Inquisitr piece that Ivanka feels her and Chelsea’s friendship will survive the election.

That admission is somewhat hard to swallow for many considering how hard her dad has gone after Chelsea’s mother, calling her the “worst Secretary of State in history,” “incompetent,” and holding her responsible for the deaths of “four brave Americans in Benghazi.”

Ivanka Trump has stayed pretty silent on all of that, choosing to tout her father’s more progressive policies by speaking to her affinity for him as a human being. None of that is really an endorsement per se.

To top it all off, Ivanka is a registered Democrat, and since the Donald cannot follow her into the voting booth, she will be able to vote her conscience free and clear of his influence. So Klein is not far off in claiming that a Hillary Clinton vote is a possibility with her.

But what do you think, readers?

Will Ivanka Trump be voting HRC on Nov. 8? Sound off in the comments section below.

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