3 Reasons Why Trump’s Economic Plan Isn’t Worth The Teleprompter It’s Read From

Trump’s economic plan, released last week, was a great distraction from the headlines he normally makes. You know, the ones that get so much negative attention that his team has to do public relations where they blame the media for covering it. Or, he has to deny that he meant what he actually said. Or, he says he was being sarcastic. Or, he says that it never happened.

Donald Trump’s economic plan in retrospect isn’t getting that much attention. Clearly, the media’s responsibility would be to cover it. But the climate for him to bring it up is too caustic for it to do any good. Especially because the Republican Party is having problems trying to fit into Trump’s base. That Republicans would be so ready to agree with any part of his plan is just as irresponsible. But there are three basic reasons why the economic plan is worthless.

It’s Not His Plan

A lot has been made of Donald Trump’s TelePrompting where he changes the style in which he speaks, clearly not in the style that we’re used to hearing or seeing. This is suspicious for the simple reason that he’s already gone after the “flourish” politicians use when they speak into Teleprompters and promised to not do the same thing.


To add, there are already reports of Paul Manafort infiltrating the process on behalf of pro-Putinism to change amendments on the platform for how the Republican Party views the situation in the Ukraine; in order to provide more leverage to Russia. And if that were not enough, there’s also the fact that he’s had very little to say about his own platform; clearly in interviews he’s gotten a lot of information wrong. Why would he be “sarcastic” or give out bad information intentionally if it wasn’t for the fact that he really doesn’t know?

Donald Trump depends on others within his campaign team to fill him up with policy.
Donald Trump's speech writer (left) Stephen Miller and his campaign manager (center) Paul Manafort are in the upper ranks of his campaign team. [Image by Mary Altaffer/AP Photo]

Donald Trump’s economic plan is loaded with guesstimates in multiple categories, much more than he’s capable of learning himself. And while this real estate mogul is business savvy enough to work international deals, analysts are already looking at this as a plan based off of the old Reagan administration’s playbook.

Killing Regulation Turns Trump’s Economic Plan Into “Garbage”

The New York Times — without being entirely dismissed by “the Donald,” refers to his plan as the “losing economic plan” up and down in every way, which at least makes an effort to try and to take seriously, but more specifically with regard to regulations.

“Mr. Trump also promises to take a machete to existing federal regulations and put a moratorium on new rules. He wants to get rid of environmental policies that he says are driving up the cost of electricity by restricting the production and use of coal and other fossil fuels.”

Senate Majority Leader — who hopefully won’t be after this year — Mitch McConnell, has led the way to defending the coal industry, saying that getting rid of it would completely destroy jobs. But who wouldn’t say that if they weren’t also trying to kill the president’s Clean Air Act?

But the op-ed also points to that.

“Increasing fossil fuel production, and the carbon dioxide emissions associated with it, is exactly the wrong strategy at a time when the world has become increasingly concerned about global warming and its disastrous consequences. But this is of little concern to Mr. Trump, who has dismissed climate change as a hoax and whose ‘energy revolution,’ as he outlined it on Monday, made no mention of carbon-free renewable energy sources.”

Yes, why would you want to kill regulation now after so much data proves having no regulations will give fossil fuel industries free reign to pollute for financial gain?


Why Give A Billionaire Access To Changing Tax-Policies?

After more than a year of being tortured by Donald Trump’s presence, the tax portion of his economic plan isn’t even worth considering because it doesn’t relieve the burden off of the working middle class, as much as he’s promised it would.

Trump’s economic plan itself is already disproportionate due to the fact that it’s a Republican plan. If Reagan’s name is already getting tossed around in these talks, we should already be familiar with President Reagan’s failed “trickle down” theory, where they spend, spend, spend at the top and get the tax cuts so that the wealth trickles down?

Protesters are against Trump for how offensive he is.
Demonstrators hold signs while Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivered an economic policy speech to the Detroit Economic Club in Detroit. [Image by Paul Sancya/AP Photo]

Only a billionaire with short arms and deep pockets would get behind that.

Yes, Trump’s economic plan speech had to happen at some point, but it’s also been sandwiched in between a series of “best of”controversial statements he’s made, as if he changed overnight to coerce the general public. At this point, no one is buying the idea that Trump’s economic plan is being taken seriously, for the reasons mentioned above.

What’s even more suspect about Trump’s economic plan is that no one is really debating it or defending it, as they should be, which should get everyone talking about it as if it really matters. In fact, Trump’s economic plan has already gotten lost in the mix which means it was never serious to begin with.

[Photo by Evan Vucci/AP Photo]