Meek Mill Talks Drake Feud, Nicki Minaj And A Dreamchasers 4 Update

Meek Mill addressed his feud with former friend Drake who he sparred with over several rap diss tracks.

In an interview with MyMixtapez’s Charm La’Donna, the Philly rapper addresses people who think he lost the rap war when Drake dropped Back to Back.

“Last year and the position I was in, a lot of people was going with the wave that I was actually losing, but my life was good,” he said of beef with Drake, which peaked last year when Meek Mill accused the Canadian rapper of not writing his own raps.

Meek is implying that his success and family life has not been altered by his feud with Drake. Therefore, he doesn’t consider himself losing the rap war.

He also talks about his son’s elite education as further proof that he didn’t take an L.

“My son is five years old, just turned five years old the other day. He’s speaking French,” he said. “If you call that losing, I don’t know what you call that. That’s like me going on Draymond Green or Steph Curry’s comments and putting up an L.”

Meek also attacked internet trolls and criticizes the anonymity the internet provides to people he thinks are cowards.

“The internet is kind of uncontrollable where people go with their own ways,” he continued. “It’s a world of cowards where people get behind a computer and type anything.”

He also talks about internet trolls insulting babies and talking about celebrity’s families.

Meek Mill also spoke about his fans demanding his releases “Dreamchasers 4”, the highly anticipated mixtape that has spawned a lot of Meek’s best music.

“If I got five dollars for somebody asked me every time when DC4 comes out I’d probably have $5 million right now,” Meek said. “It’s a mixtape/album, basically. This mixtape right here is my reintroduction for the people that doubted me.”

He talks about “DC4” being motivated by people who doubt his skills. Meek states that he is going to prove that he is still the number one street album and silencing his critics. He also says that he is going to use a lot of upcoming producers rather than the well-known music creators, such as Metro Boomin.

In the interview, Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend explained that his flashy cars and jewelry can be a source of motivation. The rapper revealed that Allen Iverson motivated him because he previously thought that luxurious cars and success was not achievable when he was in the poverty stricken streets of Philly.

He advises his fans to “know their worth” and that they shouldn’t be afraid to show their success. Meek shouted out Billboard for his ‘Top Rap Album’ and he states that he felt snubbed by the BET awards.

Meek talked about how his life has changed and moving his mother from a housing project to an affluent neighborhood.

Drake, on the other hand, may not have lost his commercial appeal but he may have lost a friend in Nicki Minaj as a result of his beef with Meek Mill. In an interview with Zane Love Drizzy said the following about the “Anaconda” rapper.

“I don’t really talk to Nicki. Another person I have a lot of love for… She dealt with me how I would expect her to – with class. I always have respect and love for her. Unfortunately, we haven’t spoke.”

Meek Mill talks about dating Nicki Minaj and stated that the “Anaconda” rapper motivates him due to her success. He also says in the interview that he likes being able to tour with her and they spend a lot of money on each other.

He also talks about changing his lifestyle from being a street hustler to working with big brands and selling merchandise.

Meek Mill threw shade at Drake when he stated that he doesn’t use any writers when he is getting creative.

It is likely that “DC4” is going to be compared to Drake’s Views; however, Meek did not provide a release date for “DC4” and says that he will drop it when he feels like it.

[Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images]