‘Big Brother All Access’ Fall Season: CBS Execs Tease Online ‘BB,’ Julie Chen’s Role, Return Players, Spicy Live Feeds, Unblocked Competitions

A new season of Big Brother is just around the corner, set to begin shortly after Big Brother 18 ends. Initially, it was believed the new season would be labeled Big Brother 19, however, it is now reportedly being referred to as Big Brother Digital or Big Brother All Access due to its online only presence.

CBS recently announced that Big Brother has been renewed for two more seasons, with Big Brother 19 set to air in the summer of 2017, and Big Brother 20 to be broadcast the year after.

No matter what the new Big Brother fall season series is called, it is an intriguing new endeavor for the franchise.

The Inquisitr previously reported about the new season when it was still being referred to as Big Brother 19, and wrote about the spoilers that were available at the time.

On Saturday, Zap2It offered more information about the upcoming Big Brother All Access season straight from the mouths of CBS executives.

Although Julie Chen took to her Twitter page on August 4, writing, “There’s no Big Brother without the #Chenbot!! #BB19 I’ll see you this fall.. #DefinitelyHosting,” CBS Interactive President Marc DeBevoise revealed to Zap2It that Julie’s role may be slightly different for the All Access version of the show.

DeBevoise said, “The show’s a little different, so the role isn’t exactly the same… But she [Julie] will have her lead role in the show… she’s going to be the main person.”

When asked if veteran houseguests may be involved in Big Brother All Access, DeBevoise told Zap2It the possibility has been considered.

Nonetheless, Big Brother Executive Producer Rich Meehan said past players might not return as regular cast members, but could be involved with the All Access show similar to veteran houseguest Jeff Schroeder. As a popular past player, Jeff now conducts houseguest interviews and hosts the online Big Brother After Show.

Presumably, this means former houseguests who show up on the digital version of Big Brother may act as competition hosts or return in some other capacity, which would not only attract viewers to the new format, but further invigorate the online game.

Big Brother Co-Executive Producer Allison Grodner further told Zap2It that although past players could be a part of the Big Brother All Access digital season, any former houseguests considered “legends” will probably be saved for a future summer season of the series.

Grodner further revealed that the live feeds may be “spiced up” when compared to live feeds during regular summer seasons of Big Brother. She told Zap2It, currently “…you see a lot of people asleep – there will be a reason for people to be awake, how about that?”

Additionally, Big Brother All Access will be free of the usual restrictions that come with airing a show on broadcast television, thus, DeBevoise noted, the online fall season will be “…a little bit more interesting.”

Grodner offered a juicy tidbit about the competitions to be seen during the Big Brother All Access season, telling Zap2It they will be smaller, but could “possibly play out longer,” and “people will be able to see everything, it won’t be blocked.”

According to Big Brother Feedster, the fact that competitions will be seen live as they happen is exciting, as there will be no more long waits to find out who won each and how they played out.

In the meantime, Big Brother 18 airs on CBS Wednesday and Sunday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, and Thursday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Big Brother After Dark airs on Pop Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 12 a.m. Eastern Time, Tuesday at 11 p.m. Eastern Time, and Thursday at 1 a.m. Eastern Time. Live feeds are broadcast from inside the Big Brother 18 house 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are available from CBS All Access.

[Image via CBS]