Most Americans Refuse To Vote For Donald Trump

Donald Trump may not become the next President of the United States. At least, that’s what the results of a recent survey seem to indicate. Opposing Views reports that a Bloomberg poll, that ran on Aug. 8, has shown that a majority of Americans aren’t interested in the Republican presidential nominee.

The Bloomberg poll showed that 51 percent of Americans will not be voting for Donald Trump under any circumstances. That is a contrast against the mere 44 percent who said the same about Hillary Clinton. In other words, a slim majority of Americans who took the survey will not be voting for the man chosen by Republicans to take over the White House.

Compared to the 2012 election, a Bloomberg poll found that 49 percent of voters preferred Barack Obama over the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, who only attracted 48 percent voter support. The 2012 election cycle appeared to be a far closer race as opposed to the 2016 election, which seems to show Hillary as the front-runner.

This most recent poll on Bloomberg also indicated that approximately 55 percent of Donald Trump supporters are “enthusiastic” about their candidate. Meanwhile, 62 percent of Clinton supporters expressed enthusiasm. This could be indicative of the division among voters over the selections they’ve been given by Republicans and Democrats. Opposing Views believes the figures indicate that Trump’s potential voters hate Hillary Clinton more than they actually support The Donald.

Currently, Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump in polls by a whopping 7.7 percentage points. Politico reports that even members of the GOP believe that Clinton will beat Trump in the upcoming election. Meanwhile, on social media, the reality show host appears to have a split of supporters and detractors who continue to passionately argue about which candidate will take the White House.

While support for Hillary Clinton appears to be on the rise, there are still those who supported Bernie Sanders who are refusing to show her support. The Heavy reported earlier this month that support for Green Party nominee Jill Stein is increasing. However, she still hasn’t polled higher with potential voters than Libertarian choice Gary Johnson. Is it possible that dissatisfaction with the two major party candidates could be pushing voters into looking at other options?

Do you think the recent Bloomberg poll is illustrative of what’s to come for Donald Trump? Recent Gallup polls have shown varying numbers when it comes to support for the two candidates. Over the span of the past week, Republican support for Trump seems to be at about 67 percent. Meanwhile, Democrat support for Hillary Clinton has been at around 74 percent. These numbers appear to show more party unity among Hillary supporters, than for Trump. Could these figures represent a victory for Hillary in 2016? Or do you think Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America?

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