First Official ‘The Wolverine’ Picture Released: Finally, The Hair Doesn’t Suck [Photo]

Oh sure, we’ve seen some set pictures here and there, but take a look below at the first official image of Hugh Jackman in his sixth outing with claws as the popular X-Men character in The Wolverine.

Those anticipating James Mangold’s upcoming adaptation of Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s acclaimed 1982 comic book series haven’t had much to sustain themselves. The sequel to 2009’s yawn-fest X-Men Origins: Wolverine has seen several directors, unreliable casting information, and a myriad of other problems that normally secure a project a comfy plot in development hell.

But the wheels are turning in the right direction. For proof, look no further than the image below.

Wolverine’s new look is a slight variation on what we’ve come to expect from the character. He’s slightly leaner, more toned, and his hair actually looks pretty good. Gone are the days of mindless bulk and Farrah Fawcett hair.

Speaking to Empire Online about the character’s latest incarnation recently, Jackman stated that he was going for a more brutal look for The Wolverine.

“I had this image in my head of De Niro in that remake of Cape Fear. You were terrified of that character from the moment he took his shirt off and you saw all the tats; you know he was this coiled spring that would rip your head off, no matter how nonchalant he acted. That’s who Wolverine is. I always thought of him as being lean, animalistic, not necessarily pretty. He has all this berserkery, and he’s terrifying when he loses all reason in blind rage.”

Looks pretty good to us. The only question we really have is why it took six movies to finally get the stupid hair right.

Check out Hugh Jackman’s new look in The Wolverine below. What do you think?

Official Wolverine still