[UPDATE] Multiple Cars And Businesses On Fire In Milwaukee During Riot: Violent Protest After Police Killed Armed Man Earlier Today, One Officer Injured [Breaking News]

After the Milwaukee Police shot and killed an armed man during a chase on foot, a violent protest erupted. Multiple cars have been set on fire and one police officer has been injured from a brick thrown through the windshield of the officer’s car.

Earlier on in the day, officers chased a 23-year-old armed man on foot until they shot and killed him. According to PATCH, the man was fleeing from the police with a semiautomatic handgun when an officer shot him down. The man was carrying 500 rounds of ammunition. It has been revealed that the man had a considerable criminal record and the gun had allegedly been stolen during a burglary earlier in the year.

Just hours after the fatal shooting, police arrived at North 44th Street and West Auer Avenue where a violent riot was occurring. A gas station was lit on fire and multiple cars were on fire. During the chaos, a brick was sent flying through an officer’s windshield hitting him in the head. The officer has been sent to the hospital.

Violent riot in Milwaukee leads to officer injured and multiple fires in the area

The fire department was unable to attend to the blaze due to shots being fired in the area, the Milwaukee Police stated.

Nefataria Gordon told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that people are very angry because the dead man was a nice and good person.

“He was really respected. That’s why everyone came out. They’re angry.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel further reports that journalists were chased, tackled, and punched by the violent crowd. Shots have been fired and many arrests have been made.

According to PATCH, the officer, a 24-year-old male, has been put on administrative leave until the investigation concludes. The investigation will be completed by the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation. He and the other officers were not injured during the chase.

WISN12 News just tweeted that so far, fires have been set at the PB Gas Station, Jet Beauty Supply Store, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and BMO Harris Bank.

This is breaking news and this story will be updated as more information is provided. This video coverage shows just how serious this is.


Two more businesses were set on fire after last night’s violent riot. The Milwaukee Tavern, as well as the MJM Liquor Store have sustained fire damage. The damages seen in daylight is absolutely disturbing.

Many volunteers have came to assist cleaning up debris. The owner of the BP Gas Station that was set fire believes the violence was caused by outsiders and claimed the area to typically be peaceful.

According to ABC News, the pastor, Rev. Richard Bush who leads the Pentecostal Church of God in Christ, blames the violence on lack of jobs.

Darlene Rose, 31, said that although she understands why people were angry, she knows that violence wasn’t the answers.

“I feel like if you’re going to make a difference, it’s got to be an organized difference. The people that came and looted, you’re not going to see them here today.”

The names or races of the officer and the man who was killed have not yet been released, although it has been stated that a large number of the protesters were black.

Tom Barnett, the mayor, said the man was shot once in the arm and once in the chest. Barnett mentioned that the man was shot due to suspicious activity.

“This stop took place because two officers… saw suspicious activity. There were 23 rounds in that gun that that officer was staring at. I want to make sure we don’t lose any police officers in this community, either.”

Governing reports that Milwaukee is the most segregated place in the country when it comes to race and poverty. This riot has certainly stemmed off of the uprising anger of white cops killing black people. While we do not know the absolute reason for the officer to shoot and kill the armed man, it has been revealed that he did have a camera on his suit. Answers should be available after the investigation is complete.

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