'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Nomination Results, Paulie Comes Unhinged, Care Package Is Delivered, And Corey Feels Confused

The Big Brother 18 house was thrown for a loop after the shocking blindside last night during the double eviction. Paulie Calafiore was not expecting the BB18 house to vote out his in-house girlfriend, Zakiyah Everette. He believed that she was safe and couldn't believe that James Huling turned on him, and voted his queen out. Immediately after she was evicted, Bridgette Dunning left the house in a shocking double eviction. Many fans were surprised that the BB18 house didn't take the chance to get Michelle Meyer out since they claimed she was the primary "target."

After the Big Brother live show had ended, Victor Arroyo won the Head of Household competition (HOH). This week proved to be a pivotal week to win the HOH because Paulie was planning on targeting Natalie Negrotti and Michelle for eviction. In previous weeks, Paulie dictated the nominations, so naturally, he believed that the girls would end up on the chopping block. He received the shock of his life when he discovered that not only did Victor disregard his nomination suggestions, but he put him and his best pal, Cody Brooks, on the block.

Online Big Brother reports that a few hours before Week 8 nomination ceremony, the Care package was delivered to the Big Brother house. Nicole Franzel was given super safety and has to wear a safety witch costume all week long. Victor was disappointed that Nicole couldn't be a renomination choice if Corey or Paulie wins the Power of Veto on Saturday (August 13).

The real Big Brother drama happened following the nomination ceremony. Victor had revealed to Paul Abrahamian that he planned to put Corey and Paulie on the block. He said that he was giving them an advantage they didn't give him -- the chance to play for the POV so they can remove themselves off of the block. And, the best part is, no matter what happens, they will send one of the alpha males to the Jury House this week.

Big Brother Network reports that Paulie didn't understand why he is on the block. He felt that he was in a "tight" alliance with Victor, Paul, and Corey. Paulie claims that he was not targeting them in any way. He tries to get Victor to agree to backdoor James if they can pull themselves off the block after the POV. Victor shot down any talk of betraying James by backdooring him this week.

Online Big Brother reports that Michelle laughed at Corey and Paulie during the nomination ceremony. Natalie urged her to apologize to them before Paulie makes a big deal about it. Natalie says that getting Paulie on the block was only half the battle; they have to evict him -- or no one will be safe next week.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Nicole thanks America for safety for the week. She tells Michelle that she hates that "loyal" people are on the block this week. Michelle tries to ease her nerves by revealing that Corey is not the target this week. Nicole explains that she feels sick to her stomach because Corey and Paulie are close.
"This will be a difficult week, but it's all part of the game."
Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Victor tries to explain to Paulie that they had to vote out Zakiyah because it made sense. He tried to explain that she was a threat to their safety. Apparently, she came extremely close a few times to winning both HOH and POV, and it was enough to scare Paul and Victor into swaying the votes to evict her. Not to mention that she was a number for him. Paulie claims it still doesn't make sense to him, but it's part of the Big Brother game to evict a houseguest every week. Paulie sits in deep thought in the kitchen for a few minutes. He tells Victor that he blames James for Victor targeting Zakiyah and for his nomination. Apparently, if James would have "done as he was told with his two votes," none of this would have occurred.
Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Victor tells James that it was a necessary game move to leave the alliance with Paulie and Corey because they were ready to throw him under the bus. Victor told James and Natalie that one of them needs to win the next HOH to keep them safe. Online Big Brother reports that Corey feels safer right now knowing that he's up against Paulie. He knows that Paulie is the target, and that is giving him some security. Corey explains that if Paulie wins the POV and takes himself down, he will panic because he won't stay if James is the renomination choice. Nicole adds that it isn't a dumb move to get rid of Paulie now.
" We cannot let Paulie win the Power of Veto. Tell Natalie and James to fight for it. HARD!"
Paulie and Corey's fate will be sealed tomorrow; they must win the Power Of Veto competition. If they don't win, the only other person that would consider using it on one of them is Nicole. It is looking grim for Paulie as everyone in the Big Brother house is gunning for him, even his best pal, Corey.
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