Family In Scotland Scared Out of Home By Poltergeist: Family Dog Levitated During Paranormal Activity Among Other Things

A Scotland family has been scared out of their home by a suspected poltergeist. Among many other things, the family reported that their chihuahua dog was levitating during the paranormal activity, Daily Mail reveals.

If you were experiencing paranormal activity in your home, would you leave? A family from Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire decided to move out of their house, which they believe to be haunted by a poltergeist.

The police were called to the home after the family experienced the terrorizing events, such as clothes flying across the room, lights switching on and off, and even the family dog levitating. The police were suspecting a mental health problem, but when the police arrived, the dog was on a seven-foot hedge and they witnessed some of the paranormal events themselves.

"The officers attended expecting it to be a mental health issue but they witnessed the lights going off, clothes flying across the room and the dog sitting on top of the hedge."
A police spokesman told Daily Mail that so far there hasn't been any injuries and they are looking into different things, such as family and property history. They are tracking down other families who have lived in the home to see whether or not they dealt with similar situations.
"On August 8 and 9, police attended a house on Stonelaw Road in Rutherglen. There was no evidence of criminality. Advice and guidance was given to the family."
A Scotland Catholic Church has been contacted to bless the home, although it hasn't been mentioned whether or not this has happened as of yet.

Glasgow Live reports that the dog was playing in the garden when it suddenly began to levitate and ended up on the 7-foot hedge. The terrifying moments led the family members to contact doctors and social workers to assist them with the trauma that the poltergeist has created for them.

It has even been reported that doors were slamming open and shut, and light shades mysteriously turned upside down. While these strange occurrences have not been proven to be life-threatening, it certainly seems paranormal with no other explanations.

This isn't the first time a poltergeist was thought to be the cause of strange and scary occurrences. The Inquisitr previously reported about the Conjuring 2 film compared to the real life Poltergeist haunting.

As many already know, the Conjuring 2 was based on a true story that occurred in Enfield, London. However, compared to this most recent poltergeist haunting, the Enfield poltergeist was a bit more terrifying.

After doing some research, it was concluded that a man once died in a chair that still set in the Enfield house today. The "Poltergeist" is thought to be the man who died in that chair. The difference between what happened during the Enfield haunting and the Scotland haunting is the Poltergeist was said to have taken over a girl's body at times, sort of like a possession.

While other scary events occurred during the Enfield haunting, the random acts of possession was definitely the most shocking. It was said that the man's voice came out of the little girl's mouth while she was possessed.

The Conjuring 2 film compares to the Poltergeist events that have recently occurred in a Scotland home
[Image via Shutterstock]Although the movie was based on actual events, there certainly were aspects of the movie that didn't actually occur, the documentary of the real-life victims of the Enfield haunting is certainly cringing.

Some facts proclaimed about the Enfield Poltergeist include chairs moving across the floor, items flying around, lights turning on and off, a heavy dresser moving across a room, levitation, and of course, temporary possession.

While the family in Scotland decided to move out, they are still suffering from the poltergeist events. It will be interesting to know the facts about the house after research is concluded. Perhaps this poltergeist haunting will be the next story in a feature film.

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