Did Google Street View Catch A Baby Killer? Shocking Photo Revealed

Detroit, MI – A Google Street View photo may help police catch the killer of a baby in Detroit. The company’s Google Street View camera trucks were driving through the neighborhood where the child was killed when it caught a young shirtless man pointing a gun.

The photograph in question was taken by the company’s camera in 2009, and it captured a young shirtless man on the porch of the home where a 17-month-old child was found under a pile of clothes.

The man is joined on the porch by four other men who all gaze towards the camera.

The photo was recently discovered by Maryland meteorologist Jacob Wykoff, and it was eventually posted to Reddit.

According to Wykoff in an ABC News interview:

“Anytime you see a gun pointed at a cameraman it gets kind of scary. Detroit kind of has a reputation nowadays for doing that kind of stuff. It wasn’t that out of the ordinary.”

Police are still not sure how the 17-month-old infant died, but the photo has sparked curiosity and outrage throughout Detroit.

It was actually an astute observer who noticed the cream-colored brick, tapered shape to the brick columns, and other features of the home who pointed out the possible significance of the photograph.

Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy told CBS Detroit that the photograph is not evidence of a crime, but ultimately it could help point investigators in the right direction.

If nothing else, the Google Street View photograph showcases the plight of Detroit and the “we just don’t care anymore” attitude that some people in the city exhibit on a daily basis.

Here’s to hoping Google Street View maps help catch a baby killer.