Daughter Won’t Get Dad Beer, Dad Calls 911

Man calls 911 when daughter won't buy beer

An intoxicated Florida man, Robert Hagerman, allegedly called 911 because he wanted a beer, and his daughter wouldn’t get it for him.

UPI reported that Hagerman called 911, complaining about a domestic violence situation at his residence. He told dispatchers that his daughter, who was not identified by name in the reports, was physically abusing him, throwing things and using drugs. When police showed up, however, the daughter told a very different story.

Authorities arrived at the home around 11 pm on Thursday night and found both Hagerman and his daugther to be present. The police report, however, states that Hagerman seemed to be already intoxicated, and that he was uncooperative.

The daughter then told police that she refused to buy her 56-year-old father any beer, at which point he began to threaten to call the police with allegations against her. While in a different age the story may have been her word against his, the Tampa Bay Times reports the quick thinking daughter apparently recorded his threats on her cell phone. She played the audio back for the police to hear and Hagerman was arrested on a charge of making a false report of a crime.

He was placed in the Pinellas County Jail Friday, facing $150 bail. The reports made no mention of what brand of beer Hagerman was seeking, but its probably fair to say he’d much rather have spent his Friday having some Miller Time, instead of doing time in the county jail.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve done to get a beer?