'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Who Got Evicted From 'BB18' House On August 11 Episode?

Big Brother 18 spoilers come from a double eviction. So who got evicted from the BB18 house on August 11? As fan site Joker's Updates has reported for a while, the houseguests had to decide whether to evict Zakiyah Everette or Michelle Meyer to kick off the August 11 episode. The BB18 house had gone back and forth all week, unsure of which lady needed to be evicted first. It also became very clear that a majority of the house would not mind if Zakiyah and Michelle both got sent to their one-on-one meetings with host Julie Chen by the end of the double eviction episode.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the CBS live feeds presented another house twist taking place, with James Huling taking the lead on an effort to get Zakiyah Everette evicted. Paulie Calafiore showed his hand to allies Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian, badmouthing the other women in the house any chance he had. When Paulie turned on Michelle Meyer and then Natalie Negrotti the next day, it was very clear that Paul was catching on to the games of manipulation that Paulie had been working with all summer.

With a lot of action to get to on Thursday night, host Julie Chen almost immediately got to the first eviction of the night. More Big Brother 18 spoilers will come out later in the evening, including who falls victim to the second eviction. First, the BB18 house had to vote out either Zakiyah Everette or Michelle Meyer. To answer the question of who got evicted on August 11, the first to go was Zakiyah Everette.

As the latest Care Package winner, James Huling had the opportunity to block two votes, going with Paul Abrahamian and Corey Brooks as his choices. This was pre-planned with Paul, all in the effort to throw off suspicion about the pending vote. Paulie Calafiore went in the room to cast the first vote, making it for Michelle. Natalie Negrotti had the second vote, naming Zakiyah as her choice. Nicole Franzel then also voted for Michelle, noting that she knew Michelle was staying this week.

In the rest of the voting, James Huling voted for Zakiyah and Bridgette Dunning also voted for Zakiyah to officially evict her from the BB18 house. The final vote was 3-2 against Zakiyah, making her the second member of the jury. She still had an opportunity to be saved with the secret envelope, though, casting some doubts on whether her eviction would actually stand. Her envelope did not save her, officially evicting Zakiyah for the rest of summer 2016.

Following the first eviction of the night, the houseguests had to play out a week worth of competitions to decide who would become the third BB18 jury member. Da'Vonne Rogers became the first jury member last week, but she will soon have two new guests at the sequester house. This meant playing a Head of Household competition, going through a nomination ceremony, playing a Veto competition, and finally sitting through a Veto ceremony on August 11. That would all lead up to the second eviction vote of the night, with another HOH competition scheduled after the second vote.So who else got evicted from the BB18 house on Thursday night? Stay tuned fans, because those Big Brother 18 spoilers will be revealed as soon as they play out on the "live" episode. A recap of the full August 11 episode can be found here as well.

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