'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Zakiyah Worries About A Vote Flip, Nicole Feels Hurt, Paulie Compares Feminism To Racism, And Natalie Gets Catty

The Big Brother house was turned upside down, and it's hard to figure out who is loyal to whom anymore. Zakiyah Everette worries that Natalie Negrotti is mad at her for being intimate with Paulie Calafiore after she exposed him for using her. Nicole Franzel explains that Natalie hurt her feelings for implying that she said mean things about Zakiyah. Natalie responds by getting catty with Zakiyah and took back a skirt she loaned her previously to wear during the eviction show. As you can see, it's been an action-packed day, and it isn't easing up yet.

Online Big Brother reports that Zakiyah tells Paulie that she doesn't have a good feeling about the eviction tonight (July 11). She senses that the girls in the Big Brother house are mad at her and wonders if that is a sign that she could be leaving instead of Michelle Meyer. Zakiyah points out that Natalie is angry with her, and she suspects that it is because she slept with Paulie last night after the blowup.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paulie goes to say that Bridgette Dunning is probably mad because she's a feminist. Apparently, being a feminist is like being racist. He explained that he wouldn't support someone based on their race or sex, but implied that Bridgette would. Paulie noted that the only reason Bridgette is supporting Natalie's argument is because she's a female.
" Of course, Bridgette is going to be mad at you, she's a feminist."
Big Brother 18 spoilers explain that Zakiyah tells Paulie that Natalie took the skirt she lent her for the eviction show back, and stated she couldn't let her use it. Apparently, that made Zakiyah feel as if she may be in danger to leave the house. Paulie tries to ease her nerves and tells her it is okay to feel nervous before the live eviction if she is on the block. He tries to comfort her and says that James Huling will not vote against them because he knows his life in the Big Brother house depends on his cooperation.
"There's no way James will turn his back on us. He knows he will be sent to jury if he does."
Joker Updates reports that Zakiyah and Nicole are doing their hair in the bathroom and talk about the drama from the previous night. Zakiyah explains that she believes she is going to the Big Brother jury house, but Paulie told her to stay positive. Nicole adds that she doesn't think James would turn on them, but after last night, it wouldn't surprise her too much if Michelle stays in the Big Brother game.
"I want to be confident you are not going home, but too much damage was done last night. James holds all the cards tonight."
Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Zakiyah believes that Natalie is manipulating James to evict her, and "prays" that he sees through her before the live show. Zakiyah reveals that Natalie told her that she and Corey talk badly about her behind her back (they do). Nicole denies it and says she wants to confront Natalie about her comments. Zakiyah makes her promise to wait until she's off the block because she cannot take any more drama that could lead to her eviction.
"I want to call her out and clear up what was really said. I want her to tell me to my face."
The drama from last night is building up to an action-packed double eviction tonight. It looks like Zakiyah should go to the jury house, but in the game of Big Brother, anything is possible. And, let's not forget, James holds all the card tonight. If he decides not to challenge Paulie, Zakiyah may be safe from eviction.

Big Brother 18 fans, what do you think will happen tonight? Do you think Nicole will confront Natalie about what Zakiyah told her? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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