Taxi Fight: Two NYC Businessmen Battle Over The Same Cab [Video]

Men Fight Over New York City Taxi Cab

How far would you go to get a cab in New York City? The epic showdown between two businessmen on the mean streets of NYC was captured on amateur video, much to the delight of YouTube users the world over. According to the New York Observer, two well-dressed individuals were so determined to snag the same taxi that they came to blows over who, precisely, would crawl into the back seat. It didn’t take long for this very public confrontation to turn ugly.

To the dismay of the businessmen involved in the taxi fight, the whole exchange was captured by film producer and screenwriter Ron Senkowski. The Observer reports that Senkowski was in-between finance meetings when the altercation when down. Sensing that something truly epic was in the making, the budding movie producer whipped out his phone and captured the showdown on camera. According to the description on YouTube, the taxi cab fight video was uploaded to the producer’s son.

As The Gothamist points out, the scene is reminiscent of the clash between Steve Martin and John Candy in the Thanksgiving classic Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. My first reaction to the video was that it was staged, a performance perpetrated by a flash mob-meets-Kids in the Hall comedy troupe with a wickedly dark sense of humor. However, after watching the clip over a dozen times, I’m pretty sure it’s the real deal.

Of course, not everyone finds the clip amusing. “More important than obtaining transportation to the desired destination is proving one’s superior manhood, even if you end up looking stupid in the process. Who looked stupider here, the one who got the cab, or the one who unwillingly yielded the cab? I can’t quite tell. If they had found a way to avoid that tussle, they both would have looked a lot smarter,” a New York Magazine reader commented.

Would you battle someone who tried to take your cab? Do the businessmen fighting over a taxi in the embedded video look fierce or foolish?