Google Maps Has 7,000 Employees: Good Luck Apple Maps!

Google Maps

Curious to understand why Google Maps is better than Apple Maps? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Google has 7,000 employees currently building out the Google Maps platform.

Apple recently booted Google Maps as the default mapping program for iOS 6 devices, and complaints regarding the quality and accuracy of Apple Maps have flooded in.

According to Business Insider:

“In June, we talked to a pair of Googlers involved in its mapping product, and they said that Google has 1,100 full time employees and 6,000 contractors working on its mapping products. Those 7,000 people do all sorts of granular work.”

Those employees handle a myriad of tasks that range from street view drivers to airplane pilots and even people drawing maps. Other employees focus on correcting incorrect listings.

Employees not working on current Google Maps products are responsible for creating the next great Google Maps products that will eventually make their way to the open market.

Throw in Android, iOS, Blackberry, and other mobile employees, and Google has essentially created an industry within its own business culture.

So, what is Apple’s response to widespread complaints? The company has asked that customers be patient as it improves its product. In the meantime, Apple customers can expect continued horrid map service from the company as directions continue to be muddled, businesses tend to be mislabeled, and more problems.

Do you think ditching Google Maps for an untested Apple Maps product was a huge misstep for the iOS mobile operating system? In the meantime, I’ll be installing Google Maps as a third-party app for my iOS 6 smartphone as soon as possible.