‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Needs Help From Julian, Ava Is Rattled, And Sam Faces Questions From Elizabeth

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty of action on the way with Thursday’s show. Sam is pregnant, but Jason seems to be ill, and there is worry that her pregnancy could be affected, as well. Ava is facing a challenge, and Alexis will be paying a visit to Julian. What else can everybody expect from the August 11 show?

Ava was initially quite startled when she returned to her home during Wednesday’s episode and saw it in shambles. Luckily, her worry over a possible break-in did not last long, as Scotty quickly admitted that he was responsible and the fact that he had Lucy there, both in a definite state of disarray, had Ava annoyed but relieved that the condition of her place was not due to something more sinister.

However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Ava will remain on edge and she will be experiencing a scare during Thursday’s show. Previews reveal that she will be pulling her gun on someone as she hears somebody coming in the door. Will she be battling trouble, or is this just an innocent visitor? Could trouble be lurking for her despite some false alarms?

In addition, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that there will be some tender moments on the way involving Laura and Ava together. Laura was left devastated by Nikolas’ supposed death in Greece, and Ava had grown close to Nikolas, as well. Could a new friendship be forming between these two as they grieve over Nik and focus on their children back in Port Charles?

Laura and Kevin have grown quite close, and she was desperate to save his life after he was shot protecting her. He will be getting medical care now that everybody is back in Port Charles, and Lucy was rattled to hear of his injuries.

General Hospital spoilers share that Lucy will race to check on Kevin, and there will be some complex emotions swirling as she sees Laura with him. Teasers from We Love Soaps also indicate that Laura will overhear Kevin and Lucy talking, and it sounds as if both women will be feeling quite emotional and protective of him.

Kristina was left quite hurt when she lost her relationships with both Parker and Aaron, and General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be trying to repair things with Aaron. She will apologize to him for all that happened, hoping to smooth things over to some degree. Will he be willing to at least maintain a friendship with her, despite all that went down?

There is buzz that during this conversation he may reveal to Kristina that Alexis had been talking with Parker just before the professor left Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers reveal that there is an intense confrontation between Kristina and Alexis on the way with Friday’s show, and this one will surely be quite emotional.


Alexis and Julian’s marriage is in a horrible place right now, but General Hospital spoilers tease that an interesting moment is on the way. Alexis is said to visit Julian and tell him that she still wants to be his wife. It seems that she is going to need a favor from him, but will he be willing to help?

It sounds as if this may be related to the disbarment that Alexis is up against. While Julian has not wanted to see his marriage end, it may be expecting too much to request that he help her after her determination to see him behind bars. Is there any hope for these two to patch things up somehow?

Jordan and Andre have been struggling in their relationship, and General Hospital spoilers note that there is more on this front on the way. Jordan will be making an offer of some sort to him, but it seems that he will hold back and mention that they need to work on repairing the problems in their relationship, and she will be left a bit surprised by what he has to share.

Sam was stunned to learn that she is pregnant after feeling ill, and now Jason is facing a possible medical crisis himself. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will cross paths with Elizabeth, who questions what is happening. It seems that Sam will explain the malaria scare, but most would imagine that she will be holding back on sharing her pregnancy news for now.

What will come next for Alexis and Julian? Is Ava facing more danger, or is she just frazzled over all that happened during her trip abroad? Will Kevin and Laura start up a full-fledged romance? Will Sam and Jason be able to stay healthy and enjoy the impending new addition to their family? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are more twists and turns on the way, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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