‘Lucha Underground’ Roster Revealed In Season 3 Trailer

'Lucha Underground' Roster Revealed In Season 3 Trailer

The brand new Lucha Underground Season 3 trailer hit on Wednesday, and it showed just short clips from the upcoming season of the popular El Ray Lucha wrestling show. Lucha Underground is extremely secretive about their storylines, so much so that they fired MVP from their roster for just making an innocent comment in an interview. As a result, most news, including who is on the Lucha Underground roster, remains a secret.

Nondisclosure agreements are signed, and Lucha Underground takes these very seriously for everyone involved, including fans in attendance at the TV tapings. With that said, the new trailer shows most of the Lucha Underground roster and contains some hints at the future of the characters.

There was a lot to soak in while watching the Lucha Underground Season 3 trailer, including the fact that it looks like Matanza is incarcerated, Vampiro is possibly trying to take out Puma for good, former WWE star Paul London is showing up with a new trio of wrestlers, and more.

As for the Lucha Underground roster, outside of Paul London making his arrival in the company, returning stars like John Morrison, Matanza, Puma, Sexy Star, Vampiro, Son of Havoc, and more will be making their return to the roster. Also, based on the trailer, it looks like new roster arrivals like Sami Callihan and AR Fox will have big roles as well.

To get past just the Lucha Underground roster tease and look at the storylines, there are lots of hints there as well. Lucha Underground Season 2 saw Dario Cueto battling to regain control of his company from Catrina and ended with the police finally closing in on Cueto and arresting him.

As for the in-ring action, Caged Seats reported that the season ended with Pentagon Black losing to Matanza and then turning on his mentor Vampiro, setting up a new direction for his character in Season 3. Rey Mysterio also beat Prince Puma to put a question mark on Puma’s direction on the roster in the upcoming season.

The Lucha Underground Season 3 trailer had some interesting hints on what we can see in the next season of the show, including new roster members. First of all, Paul London looks like he is moving in front of the cameras after working behind the scenes and getting his own stable. Whether he is a manager or this is a new trio team is to be determined.

Also making a nice roster appearance is King Cuerno, which is good news because Lucha Underground rumors made it sound like he wanted to leave the series. With the WWE wanting to sign a number of the company’s roster, it is nice to see who is still there since the contracts with the company won’t allow members of the roster to leave for the WWE until after Lucha Underground Season 3 airs its finale.

Other clips show Chavo Guerrero attacking Dragon Azteca; Sami Callihan looks like he will keep up the psycho gimmick he perfected in the indies; Son of Havoc looks like he might be battling himself; the hint that Puma might join up with Vampiro, possibly for a war with Pentagon Black, and Worldwide Underground looks like they are gaining a new roster member.

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Add in members of the Lucha Underground roster like Marty the Moth in danger; Black Lotus with what looks like ninja hitmen; Daga holding a sword, and there is a lot to love about the upcoming season of Lucha Underground. The third season of Lucha Underground begins on the El Rey Network on Wednesday night, Sept. 7, at 8 p.m. EST. It is also available on iTunes for those without the El Rey Network.

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