ISIS Gases Its Own Fighters: Mass Grave Of 200 Terrorists Found In Iraq

A mass grave found in Iraq points to ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) as having gassed its own militants, proving that ISIS draws a hard line of obedience not only for the civilian population within the territory of its so-called “caliphate,” but also for its own fighters. According to reports out of Iraq, there were at least 200 bodies found in the mass grave.

Daily Mail reported August 10 that reports out of Iraq allege that ISIS extremists bound the feet and hands of their own fighters, locked them inside of a car, and then allowed the vehicle to be filled with carbon monoxide gas until the occupants were dead. The gassing apparently was the execution method used for the sentencing carried out on ISIS militants that had fled the battlefield.

American Herald Tribune, which cites unnamed Arabic-language sources regarding the horrific finding, quotes those websites as providing details of how the 200 militants were executed.

“ISIS tied up hands and feet of its militants, put them inside a closed-door car with all the windows rolled up and opened gas hose sent into the car until they died.”

Local sources fed the information to the Arabic-language media outlets, noting the location of the burial site. “The mass grave found in al-Malahema region of al-Khalediya Island contains about 200 bodies of the ISIS terrorists.”

Khalediya Island is part of Anbar province in Iraq.

An incident involving the execution of ISIS fighters fleeing their battlefield stations was reported from the besieged city of Mosul as well. Iraqi News reported that eight ISIS fighters were killed for attempting to escape the fighting at Khalediya Island.

“The outfit executed eight of its fighters who tried to flee the ongoing battles from Khalidiya Island,” the Mosul source said. “Later, the ISIS Islamic court sentenced their execution.”

The source, who wished to remain anonymous, added, “Most of the executed members were Arab and other foreign nationals. The execution occurred in front a group of Mosul denizens.”

Many of the executions carried out by the Islamic State extremists are performed in public. The more popular methods seem to be beheadings and burnings, possibly for the shock value. Many are video-recorded and uploaded to the internet, used as propaganda for ISIS in their fundamentalist proselytizing, targeting potential converts and/or recruits to continue their so-called war against apostasy.

Regardless, ISIS has shown little restraint when it comes to punishment for what they deem as an infraction against their rule, and leaving the battlefield — whether by desertion or simply retreating without an expressed command is not clear — is no exception.

Back in May, Inquisitr reported that ISIS buried alive 45 of its own fighters for leaving the battlefield. They had been fleeing intense combat outside Qayyarah in Nineveh Province.

In fact, absenting oneself from ISIS in general, once one is aligned with or has become included in their territorial expansion (the “caliphate”), can become a death sentence.

As Inquisitr also reported in July, a family of three, including a 2-year-old girl, were burned alive by the extremists for simply attempting to leave an ISIS-controlled village. Just last week, Alalam reported that a pregnant woman was captured and executed for doing the same thing, her four children arrested and taken away to an unknown fate.

ISIS is losing ground in Syria and Iraq and has been for months, so much so that the terrorist state has changed its recruiting methods to encourage conversion and acts of terrorism in the recruits’ home countries. Even so, the killing of their own fighters appears to be counterproductive, hastening an end to the caliphate as an actual territorial entity and relegating the Islamic State to a non-state terrorist organization. Undoubtedly, not quite the worldwide caliphate they were hoping for when they announced themselves in 2014.

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