'Final Fantasy XV' News: Square Enix Releases Details On Equipment, Cooking, Rest Areas

Final Fantasy XV is set to release next month, and Square Enix continues to tease with new information regarding Noctis's adventure.

The sound of fanfare edges closer as Final Fantasy XV begins to see light at the end of the tunnel. We've seen demos, updates, and more in regards to what we can expect when the game drops. We've also seen how combat works, the changes in how it's being executed, and the methods of transportation available as the game opens up. Continuing with this trend, Square Enix has released new information that takes what we already know further into detail.

In a report by Gematsu, Square Enix has posted screenshots that display Final Fantasy XV equipment. It appears that Noctis will be able to use up to four weapons in combat. This does away with your typical Final Fantasy game, as most only allow the use of one. This could open up new avenues in terms of combat, though we've already seen that Noctis is able to attack in a way that makes use of multiple weapons.

There are also three slots for accessories. These are key to surviving bosses and encounters, as each monster is unique and requires certain preparation before being tackled. Some fiends in the Final Fantasy world use powerful magic. Others, brutish and hulking, make use of physical attacks. Players would be wise to mind this, as accessories can make a battle much easier.

Link Attack Screenshot
Link Attacks will differ and change based on equipment. [Image Via Square Enix]Square Enix has also revealed that this menu will allow players to change the equipment that Noctis's crew uses in battle. Depending on the weapons that are equipped and the commands available, team synergy will be altered to fit the preference of the player. This brings intrigue to Final Fantasy XV, as strategies will be diverse as a result. While we don't know all of what Noctis and gang will find along their journey, it's safe to say that fans will have options as to how to change each character's actions in combat. While Noctis has a larger arsenal at his disposal, other characters will have a main and sub weapon.

Alongside equipment choice in Final Fantasy XV, players will also find that cooperative techniques and abilities will be determined based on what the party is equipped with. For example, equipping the Great Sword will allow Noctis to trigger a cooperative maneuver with Prompto. When Gladio equips a shield in the sub slot, it opens up a unique method of attack that wouldn't be possible otherwise. As you can see, preparing for these situations will require a little thought.

According to Dualshockers, lodging in Final Fantasy XV will be broken down into categories. These will range from camping, trailer houses, and inns. Of course, players will only be able to rest at locations that are predetermined; the areas that are available for rest will be marked, making it clear that the area is safe from attack.

While players would normally have to pay, camping offers a free night's rest. Additionally, Ignis will be able to cook. In turn, this will apply buffs to the party before they head out into the world again. Trailer houses may cost a small amount of money, but each one will yield a bonus. Unfortunately, Ignis won't be able to cook in them. Inns, from low maintenance to high class, provide larger bonuses than trailer houses. However, Ignis's cooking won't be available during a stay at the inn.

The culinary portion of Final Fantasy XV will be handled depending on where the party stays for the night. A plethora of meals await player discovery, and each one will buff the party according to its description. Ingredients will need to be gathered before Ignis can cook at a camp, but Noctis and company will be able to enjoy their meals at the inns without needing such prerequisites.

Final Fantasy XV will hit shelves on September 30 of this year. What are your thoughts on the game at this point? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.

[Image Via Square Enix]