‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7: Is Noel Kahn A.D.? This Trailer Makes It Look So [Video]

Is Noel A.D. On 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7?

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 has all been about A.D. and who it is. There are plenty of theories floating around, and one of the biggest at the moment is that Noel Kahn is the man. The latest trailer for the show certainly makes it look possible.

The question is whether Noel really has a motive on Pretty Little Liars Season 7. While many wondered if he was the original A, it soon became clear that he was actually helping Ali and Cece. Would he really then turn his back on it all and start tormenting the girls again? Could something have happened in the five-year break that has made him snap and decide it is time to get some revenge? He is seen working with Jenna at points, and we all know what Jenna thinks of the Liars.

While in the Radley, Hanna is warned that the “threat against you is close.” Noel then turns up, but does that really mean that he is the threat? Does she mean physically close or emotionally close? There are also plenty of theories that one of the boyfriends is really A.D. Ezra and Toby are among the favorites with fans. Some fans even wonder if Caleb has something to do with it.

That doesn’t look likely in the recent trailer for Pretty Little Liars Season 7. While Hanna and Caleb are out for a walk, Noel drives like a madman towards them. Caleb pushes Hanna out of the way of the car and takes the hit. He is left unconscious (or maybe dead) on the road, as Noel just laughs at Hanna through the driver’s window.

While it now looks like Noel is the threat, Pretty Little Liars is known for its twists, turns, and red herrings. There were plenty of them thrown into Seasons 1 to 6, with Noel being part of them at times. Even Mike Montgomery, Ezra Fitz, and Toby Cavanaugh were thought to be A at certain points.

We know that A.D. has to be revealed during Season 7, but surely it is too early for that to be right now. There is still half a season of Pretty Little Liars to go in 2017. The mid-season break will happen August 30, so while there is likely to be a big reveal it can’t actually be A.D. can it?

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 is set to be the last. There’s no confirmation that it won’t go on, but Marlene King previously said that it was the beginning of the end. It is likely the end as we know it, suggesting that the girls have been through enough. If the show continues, it will need to be a completely new cast.

Ian Harding, who plays Ezra, has spoken about the potential of the show being on the last season, according to the Hollywood Reporter. He is keeping his options open for work in the future, just in case. He did admit that he would love to turn out to be Uber A. While it would be a twist that many fans have expected, it would fit in with the warning that the threat is someone close to them.

Could next week’s episode also involve the major death that has been hinted? While many thought it would be Toby, is it possible that Caleb is going to be written out? Could this cause a rift between the girls, making it easier for A.D. to get to each of them?

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 continues on Tuesday, August 16 with “Exes and OMGs.” It certainly looks like Noel has something to do with the torment that the girls are facing, and he will certainly know them well enough to be able to work out their fears and whereabouts.

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