‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson Threatens To Run For President And Bring ‘Big Change’

duck dynasty phil robertson president

Many have seen the 2016 presidential election as one that they could win over Hillary Clinton and/or Donald Trump. Of course, not many people are going to put a lot of backing behind those words, but there are a few who possibly could. Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty always has something to say about any trending topic, and he now feels as if he may be forced to run for president if things continue as they are.

A lot of different people tried throwing their hat into the presidential ring, and third-party candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson hope they can make a difference. Most of those attempting to run for president ended up fading out before too long, but some may actually have a chance in the future.

duck dynasty phil robertson president
Right Wing Watch reported that the group known as “My Faith Votes” was behind a meeting that Donald Trump held in June with hundreds of leaders of religious rights. Phil Robertson believes it was mostly an attempt to encourage “Christian voters to support Trump.”

Robertson feels as if the only hope for Christians is for them to elect a candidate who is godly to lead the United States. As things currently stand, he doesn’t necessarily feel as if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can do that, so he may be forced to do something drastic.

“I can’t tell you how to vote. If they keep fooling around long enough, they’re going to force me to run. If you want to see a change in America, get me in there, dude, and there will be a big change then, if you all are ready for it.”

Robertson also said that the best candidate needs to be one that “won’t disarm us, spiritually speaking and physically speaking.”

Earlier in the interview with Right Wing Watch, a caller said that the “greatest assault on Christianity” today is “rising secularism” in the United States. Robertson went right along with that statement and fully agreed with it.

Phil Robertson believes that the fault lies with the voters who elect these “depraved souls” to serve as their public officials instead of those who will defend religious liberty and the Second Amendment. He continued on to say that there needs to be a candidate who will oppose such things as gay marriage and abortion.

“You call it secularism. I just call it the Evil One, the Evil One that controls human beings.”

Since winning the Democratic Party nomination, Hillary Clinton has watched her lead over Donald Trump continue to rise in the early polls. A number of people believe she is more qualified than Trump, but many American voters don’t think that either candidate is deserving of the presidential position.

duck dynasty phil robertson president donald trump hillary clinton
NBC News reported that one of the latest polls revealed that Clinton has increased her lead over Trump in three battleground states — Iowa, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. That may set some people at ease as they would do anything not to have Trump as president, but some feel as if neither candidate is fit to run the country.

Earlier this year, the Inquisitr reported that Robertson had put his endorsement behind Ted Cruz, who dropped out of the race months ago. Robertson’s son, Willie, had put his public endorsement behind Donald Trump in May.

Phil Robertson does have an opinion about virtually anything and everything, and he has a position that allows him to speak his mind to the world. Being on Duck Dynasty and having the popularity that he does have, people are going to listen to him when he speaks. Now, he may have threatened to run for President of the United States, but will he actually ever do it? If Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump can’t prosper, Robertson’s run may not be totally out of the question.

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