Is ‘Fast Formers’ Real? Why ‘Fast 8’, ‘Transformers’ Crossover Film Is Not As Far-Fetched As It May Seem

Is Fast Formers, a crossover between Fast 8 and Transformers, driving into a theater near you?

Now-viral movie posters promoting a movie that combines these two blockbuster movie franchises together have made waves online this week. Perhaps a major reason why these posters have generated so much buzz is because of none other than actor Tyrese Gibson.

However, as of right now anyway, the Fast Formers movie is more of a conceptual pipe dream movie than it is a confirmed studio work-in-progress.

Tyrese first referenced Fast Formers on Instagram Tuesday by posting a well-developed movie poster promoting the Michael Bay-directed film – Fastformers. According to the post, the film is scheduled for release in 2020.

Fast Formers
(Photo Credit: Instagram)

The poster featured Optimus Prime in the background with the leading stars of Fast 8 and Transformers: The Last Knight –– Vin Diesel and Mark Wahlberg — standing back to back in the foreground.

Tyrese Gibson followed up his Fast Formers post with yet another impressive poster on Instagram Wednesday.

Fast Formers
(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Like the first poster, the second Fast Formers poster creatively combined familiar elements from both movies in a realistic blend that blurs the line between concept and confirmation. Optimus Prime from Transformers is still featured prominently in the background, while the backs of several cast members from Fast 8 are shown standing near two muscle cars in the foreground.

Tyrese’s caption on the second Fast Formers poster is essentially what gave it away as a fake concept movie. Within the caption, Tyrese acknowledged the concept of a Fast 8 and Transformers concept and gave credit to the Instagram user who may have created the posters.

“A 20 | 20 crossover of these 2 mega franchises would be epic! Shout to [Boss Logic] dude you’re crazy!”

Boss Logic is a talented artist that has published quite a few concept pieces and artistic renditions on social media. For example, he capitalized on the trending #PhelpsFace with Michael Phelps by featuring the Olympic athlete in a Star Wars: Rogue One movie poster. He even suited up actress Brie Larson in a Captain Marvel costume, as well.

(Photo Credit: Boss Logic Instagram)

The artistic quality of his work alone creates an impressive illusion of authenticity — especially with a movie concept like Fast Formers. However, when a celebrity with social media star power promotes the art, that is when the lines between confirmed and concept begin to blur.

Over the years, Tyrese Gibson has starred in several installments of the Fast and Furious movie franchise as well as the Michael Bay-directed Transformers films. The 37-year-old actor is also reprising his roles in the highly-anticipated 2017 installments of both franchises — playing Roman Pearce in Fast 8 and Robert Epps in Transformers: The Last Knight.

Therefore, any discussion on social media by Tyrese Gibson about a Fast 8 / Transformers crossover film — such as Fast Formers –– would definitely get attention based on his involvement over the years on both sides of that blockbuster fence.

Even though Fast Formers is currently nothing more than a fan-made concept, it would not be far-fetched at all if the studio decided to greenlight this project. Both franchises have been able to generate big numbers at the box-office worldwide, installment after installment.

According to Box Office Mojo, the first four installments of the Transformers franchise generated over $3.7 billion worldwide. The first seven installments of the Fast and Furious franchise generated over $3.8 billion.

Blending the two worlds together in a Fast Formers crossover could definitely break box-office records — especially when you consider the key similarities between the two films.

Both franchises do the following.

  • Use jaw-dropping cars and other vehicles as core elements and “characters” of the story
  • Are known for captivating action sequences filled with high-flying stunts and visual effects
  • Focus on a close ensemble of alliances closely connected like family members working together to take down a major villain.

It would also not be the first time that two popular franchises most fans would’ve never thought about combining received a studio-approved crossover film recently. Earlier this year, a crossover between the 21 Jump Street and Men in Black franchises was announced: MIB 23 starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

Therefore, who could really doubt a Fast Formers crossover between Fast 8 and Transformers possibly receiving a studio greenlight? Well, actually there are a few red flags that Fast Formers would have to find a way to overcome if it was ever discussed seriously by studio execs.

  • Studio Conflict: There is a bit of a studio conflict generated with Fast Formers. The Fast and Furious movie franchise is handled by Universal Pictures; Paramount Pictures currently handles the distribution for the Transformers franchise.
  • Tyrese Gibson: It’s kind of ironic that the actor promoting the concept art for Fast Formers is the same actor that could lead to its biggest plot hole and controversy. As mentioned, Tyrese plays two different characters in the franchises: Chief Master Sergeant Robert Epps in Transformers and smooth-talking criminal Roman Pearce in Fast 8. Unless the franchise decided to make Robert Epps and Roman Pearce identical yet estranged twin brothers, it’d be “interesting” to see how they would develop Tyrese’s character in a Fast Formers crossover.

Chances are that Fast Formers or any type of crossover between Fast 8 and Transformers will never happen on the big screen. However, it does speak volumes about the popularity of well-developed concept posters for fake movies circulating on social media.

[Image via Tyrese Gibson/Instagram]