‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Live Feeds Update Includes Veto Results, Eviction Target Reveal [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers for Week 7 are still coming out as the double eviction approaches. The BB18 house has a primary target for eviction, put in that position by the new Head of Household. Fan site Joker’s Updates has once again done a great job of updating viewers about what has taken place on the CBS live feeds over the last week. Now the countdown has begun for the very exciting double eviction on Thursday night (August 11).

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Week 7 Veto competition took place on Saturday evening (August 6), with the live feeds taken down for most of the day. When producers turned them back on, fans were greeted to a trashed BB18 house and several very frustrated houseguests. The challenge itself was the Hide And Seek game that the show has done several times before, where each competitor has to hide their game pieces within the BB18 house. They all then go looking for them, destroying the house in the process.

The most important component of these Big Brother 18 spoilers, is that Paulie Calafiore won another competition. Paulie won the Week 7 Veto, putting him in a position to save the other half of his showmance. All Paulie had to do was use the Veto on Zakiyah Everette, who had been nominated along with Michelle Meyer by Head of Household Victor Arroyo, and he would have an ally to the end of summer 2016. Paulie did not use the Veto, though, instead choosing to move forward with the all-guys alliance that he had helped to form.

The trio of Paulie Calafiore, Paul Abrahamian, and Victor Arroyo have been working hard for the last two weeks to plant negative comments in the BB18 house about Zakiyah Everette. Though CBS viewers didn’t become aware of the double-talk that Paulie was using until this week, he has been coordinating to get Zakiyah evicted for several weeks. During the day Paulie would campaign against Zakiyah, while using the nights to snuggle and get intimate with her in bed. This has turned a lot of fans of the show against Paulie winning this season.

On the Wednesday night episode (August 10), CBS viewers will be shown most of the Big Brother 18 spoilers that live feed fans have already seen. This will include Paulie winning the Veto, breaking the news to Zakiyah that he wouldn’t be using the Veto on her, and then his speech at the Veto ceremony. This is where things start to get really interesting in the BB18 house, because the eviction may not go as originally planned. This should give producers a lot of footage to show during the next two episodes, possibly shaking up the game again.

Michelle Meyer made several mistakes over the past week, putting the target on herself by going after Paulie Calafiore and then getting “sassy” at the Veto ceremony. A report from fan site Big Brother Network discussed that very point, giving Paulie an excuse to save Zakiyah Everette from getting evicted. Maybe it was his conscience finally kicking in or maybe it was the fact that James Huling can cancel two eviction votes as the Care Package winner for the week. Either way, a voting shift has taken place in the BB18 house, and Michelle is about to get evicted.

On Thursday night (August 11), there will be a double eviction taking place. Michelle Meyer is expected to get evicted during the first vote, with Zakiyah Everette remaining in the BB18 house for at least a few more minutes. It appears that Zakiyah will become the main target for the second eviction, but many fans on social media have noted how it could get very exciting if she were to become the next Head of Household. By the end of the night, a second houseguest will be evicted, and new Big Brother 18 spoilers will appear on the live feeds in regard to who has taken the power for Week 8.

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