Stubborn Pup Won’t Budge From Trolley Tracks [Video]

We here at The Inquisitr have what you might call a weak spot for cute and/or funny animal videos. So when a dog decides that trolley tracks are a perfectly good place to take a nap, well, we tend to take notice of that sort of thing.

In the video, the lazy pup plops down in the middle of some trolley tracks on the road and apparently decides to take a nap. If you notice, there are a couple of other dogs doing the same several feet away in the left side of the frame, though they picked an arguably safer spot for a nap: A parking space.

In any case, cars swerve to avoid the dog in the street, who was apparently banished by the other two. There’s just one problem: The oncoming trolley doesn’t have that option.

The trolley honks and slows to a stop as bystanders laugh. One woman decides to intervene, jogging over to the track where the dog and the trolley are locked in an intense stand-off. She tries to get the dog to move (if you can call standing next to it and “shoo-ing” it trying) but the dog just looks at her like she’s stupid.

She sort of gives up, the trolley’s operator steps off the train, and … well, why don’t you watch it?

Here’s stubborn dog meets trolley, courtesy of MSN: