LeAnn Rimes Failing To Get Pregnant: Eddie Cibrian’s ‘Secret Vasectomy’ To Blame Amid Divorce Talk?

leann rimes eddie cibrian vasectomy pregnant

Is LeAnn Rimes struggling to get pregnant because Eddie Cibrian secretly underwent a vasectomy? According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, this could certainly be the case.

The outlet alleges that LeAnn and Eddie have been trying to have a child of their own for years, even quoting the singer in interviews in which she makes it known that starting a family is definitely a priority of hers.

When asked about the couple’s sex life, LeAnn Rimes reportedly said the following, “Oh of course that’s going to come up. We practice a lot! I’ll take my time,” giving the impression that if the twosome have such an active sex life, she should already be pregnant by now.

CDL fails to back up their reasons why Eddie must’ve had a secret vasectomy, but the outlet does go on to stress that the Hollywood actor is famously known for keeping things under the carpet, using his affair with LeAnn as a clear example.

Cibrian was married to former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville when he fell in love with LeAnn and infamously ditched her and their two children to be with the “Life Goes On” country singer.

“After all, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian started their relationship while they were still married to their former partners. And if LeAnn Rimes finds out the reason why she can’t have children is because of Eddie Cibrian, that right there might end their marriage,” the outlet explains, insinuating that an untimely divorce wouldn’t be ruled out.

A source insinuates that LeAnn Rimes is putting up a front in her interviews, saying that she’s taking her time to start a family when all she really wants is to finally take a pregnancy test that confirms she’s expecting her first child with Eddie.

With Eddie’s children, Mason and Jake, reaching their teenage years, Cibrian may have changed his mind about having more kids but to avoid a nasty showdown between himself and LeAnn Rimes, he’d rather play along with the idea of trying for a baby, knowing very well that it’s not going to happen with the vasectomy in place.

The outlet concludes by claiming that Eddie hasn’t worked in years, giving all the more reasons to believe he’s heavily depending on LeAnn Rimes and her money. Because of this, Eddie cannot tell his wife the truth out of fear that she’ll kick him out of the house and file for divorce, which would heavily affect Eddie since he has become so accustomed to the lavish lifestyle that came with being married to Rimes for five years.

“Eddie Cibrian’s lifestyle might depend on his wife’s bank account – especially since he hasn’t stable work for years now – while LeAnn Rimes is desperate to have a child, no matter what. It will only be time before the truth finally comes out for this couple.”

News of Eddie Cibrian’s supposed vasectomy secret comes just weeks after reports had claimed that LeAnn and her husband had been arguing more than usual. Their fights have reportedly escalated to the point that divorce came up in a conversation.

No word on whether the twosome have settled their issues since their last argument, but considering that LeAnn Rimes is still doing interviews stressing how great her sex life is, it’s fair to believe that the couple is in a better place now.

[Photo by Fabiano Silva/Getty Images for Maxim]