August 10, 2016
Flying Saucer UFO Launches To Space: Alien Spacecraft Fires Thrusters, Exits Earth's Atmosphere Over Auckland, New Zealand, UFO Hunters Claim [Video]

A UFO hunter reports that while filming the sunset over Manurewa -- a suburb of south Auckland in New Zealand -- on August 2, 2016, he noticed a black UFO flying above the clouds. The UFO appeared as a black dot from a distance, but digital magnification of the footage suggested it was a disc-shaped craft or a flying saucer UFO, according to the UFO hunter.

As the UFO flew over a cloud formation, it stopped and hovered briefly. Then, it appeared to explode with a brilliant flash of light and changed direction abruptly. Flying at great speed, the UFO gained altitude rapidly until it disappeared.

The UFO hunter magnified the footage digitally for a closer look at the mysterious object. UFO enthusiasts claimed that what looked like a black dot from a distance appeared under magnification to be a dark-colored, disc-shaped object hovering over the clouds.

Enthusiasts commenting on YouTube declared unanimously that the magnified footage reveals alien visitors exiting Earth's atmosphere in a UFO spacecraft. The footage, according to space enthusiasts, shows an alien UFO flying over clouds. It hovered momentarily over a cloud formation and then fired powerful thrusters that propelled it into the Earth's upper atmosphere and then into space.

This is not the first time that UFO hunters have reported sighting an alien UFO spacecraft launching into space from the Earth's upper atmosphere by firing thrusters to escape Earth's gravitational field. According to conspiracy theorists, the footage gives evidence that extraterrestrial beings are visiting Earth in advanced UFOs that are able to enter and exit Earth's atmosphere undetected by civilian and military surveillance radar systems.

An alien flying saucer
Alien UFO orbits Earth [Image via Shutterstock]

UFO hunters say that not even the United States Air Force (USAF), the most powerful air force on Earth, is able to stop advanced alien spacecraft from making incursions into U.S. airspace.

The latest alleged UFO footage has drawn considerable attention and caused excitement in UFO forums.

"Great capture! That baby was huge! That was moving very fast, and covered some great distance."

But skeptics dismissed the suggestion that the mysterious aerial object was an extraterrestrial craft exiting Earth's atmosphere. They suggested that the video shows a passenger aircraft reflecting sunlight.

The Auckland International Airport is west of Auckland's Manurewa suburb, and passenger aircraft taking off from the airport can be seen over Manurewa, according to skeptics. The flash of light was caused by the reflection of sunlight from the metallic body of the craft as it turned mid-air, skeptics claimed.

Others suggested it may have been a fighter jet firing its engines.

But UFO enthusiasts dismissed the argument that the aerial object was a man-made aircraft. According to an enthusiast on YouTube, it couldn't have been a passenger aircraft or a fighter jet because it appeared to be a spinning object with a spherical shape.
UFO hunters argued that the craft's unusual mid-air maneuver proved it was not a man-made aircraft but an advanced alien craft flying out to space.

The footage does appear to show the UFO hovering over clouds for several seconds before changing direction abruptly, following a brilliant flash of light that looked like engines firing.

"It doesn't look like a fighter jet firing its engines to me," an enthusiast commented. "It appears to be totally spherical and spinning. I'd be getting your footage analyzed properly by experts if I was l."

"UFO's are up there for sure. We are definitely not alone."

A flying saucer UFO
A flying saucer UFO approaches Earth [Image via Shutterstock]

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring also commented on the footage. He argued on his UFO Sightings Daily blog that the sighting was aided by the position of the setting sun. According to the veteran UFO hunter and blogger, sunset is the best time to go UFO hunting because the rays of the setting sun reflecting off artificial aerial objects help to reveal their presence.

The latest alleged UFO footage is reminiscent of viral footage -- allegedly taken from NASA's live ISS feed -- uploaded online in May 2016, purportedly showing a UFO spacecraft exiting Earth's atmosphere and docking with a larger UFO parked just above the Earth's upper atmosphere (see footage below).

"We have some amazing new footage from the ISS, showing something flying up and exiting the earth's atmosphere."
According to Secureteam10 narrator Tyler Glockner, the footage shows a multi-stage UFO rocket leaving a trail as it ascends at great speed in the Earth's upper atmosphere. As the UFO ascends, its upper section disconnects from the booster stage and docks with a larger UFO believed to be an alien mothership parked above the upper atmosphere at the edge of space.

The footage then appears to show the "alien mothership" firing its thrusters for a few seconds and flying off at great speed, ferrying the docked spacecraft to outer space.

The apparently jettisoned rocket continues to burn with blinding brilliance after the alleged alien mothership had disappeared.

UFO hunters declared excitedly that the footage proves that aliens enter and leave Earth's atmosphere as they please because their advanced crafts are invisible to human surveillance radar.

But skeptics dismissed Glockner's claim that the footage shows a UFO firing its thrusters and escaping to outer space. Skeptics suggested the footage actually shows a rocket launch by NASA or a launch from a Russian facility, such as Baikonur Cosmodrome, the world's largest space launch facility in the Kazakhstan desert.

[Image via Shutterstock]