Alicia Vikander Made Michael Fassbender And ‘The Danish Girl’ Director Cry: ‘The Light Between Oceans’ Director Picked Oscar Nominees

Alicia Vikander gets rave reviews from everyone, including her boyfriend, Michael Fassbender, and basically everyone else that crosses her path. Not only is the 27-year-old actress one of the most elegant human beings on earth, but she is also a fantastic actress. Recently, the directors of The Danish Girl and The Light Between Oceans also raved about Ms. Vikander’s incredible talent.

That might be an obvious thing to say after she won an Oscar this year.

With a romantic movie starring Vikander and Michael Fassbender titled The Light Between Oceans coming out this summer, people are coming together to say what an amazing actress she is.

“The audition moved me to tears to an almost embarrassing extent,” Tom Hooper, the director of The Danish Girl, said to Vanity Fair. “Eddie [Redmayne] was like, ‘You’re so busted. There’s no way you’re not going to cast her if she made you cry on the first take.’ I’m like, ‘No, no. I’m—it’s just a bit of allergy. I’m fine.'”

It was a good thing he did because she won Best Supporting Actress at this year’s Oscars.

But her good performance does not end there. This summer, she will be seen in Jason Bourne, The Light Between Oceans, and Tulip Fever, another intensely romantic movie about a painter and a young married woman in Holland. In all those movies, she is sure to bring Oscar-level performances.

Perhaps, the best person to talk about her commitment to acting is her boyfriend, Michael Fassbender.

“She’s a very fierce performer, very brave. Always testing the boundaries of how far you can go,” he said.

The 27-year-old Swedish actress also admitted that he brings out the best performance from her with his encouragement.

“I remember on the first day we actually worked we stepped out and you said ‘Give me something new, give me something new,'” she said, according to People Magazine. “And that kind of just set the terms… of always trying to find a new door that was going to lead us down a new path. You’re pushing each other and supporting each other all the way, and that’s pretty much what we did.”

When Derek Cianfrance cast Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander opposite each other, he probably had no idea that they would be both nominated for Oscars right before the release of The Light Between Oceans. He knew that both had amazing chemistry and needed to have them in his movie.

“What I saw was two great people who were so supportive of each other, who were really picking each other up, and pushing each other…. They were an undeniably good match,” he said to Vanity Fair. “They were going to make one another better. And they were better together.”

Even Michael Fassbender, who usually bats away any questions about his relationship with the Oscar winner, admitted that the movie helped them fall in love.

“These things of course sort of spill through to what you’re doing,” he said to Vanity Fair.

While the X-Men star is more private about his affairs, it sounds like Alicia VIkander really has a flair for attracting attention to her when it comes to love.

“You might not think you can tease her, but she kind of likes to be teased,” Joe Wright, the director of Anna Karenina, said. “She had a new boyfriend at the time [of Anna Karenina filming], and she’d come in rather sloshed on Monday mornings. She had a little chafing on her chin from all the kissing she’d been doing on the weekend. I’d tease her about that. And I’d tease her about being a perfectionist as well. I really appreciate and admire her perfectionism, but it’s important that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

With this kind of openness, humor, and talent, it’s really no wonder that the Swedish actress has risen so rapidly through the ranks in Hollywood.

Do you think Michael and Alicia will ever come out of a public couple? Do you think their twelve-year age difference will impact their relationship? Let us know in the comments below!

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