Alicia Vikander Opens Up About Michael Fassbender During ‘Light Between Oceans’ Promo Tour

The Light Between Oceans promotional tour has started! That means the two stars of the film, Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender, who also happen to be a couple in real life, get to reveal more and more about their private lives together. Seeing as how they have been notoriously secretive, The Light Between Oceans is a great chance for their fans to get to hear how they talk about each other.

Alicia and Michael have already started to reveal, expose, and heap praises on each other for the work they did in The Light Between Oceans.

The 27-year-old Swedish actress fondly remembered the first time that they were on set together and how he encouraged her to bring out her best performance.

“I remember on the first day we actually worked we stepped out and you said ‘Give me something new, give me something new,'” she said, according to People Magazine. “And that kind of just set the terms… of always trying to find a new door that was going to lead us down a new path. You’re pushing each other and supporting each other all the way, and that’s pretty much what we did.”

And as they did more interviews, they began to expose more stories that show the more intimate side of their relationship.

Michael Fassbender, who has been quite taciturn when reporters ask him questions about his girlfriend, offered up a story of when he realized their chemistry was out of the waters.

“It was sort of there from the beginning, really,” he said, according to the Huffington Post.

She went on to tell the rest of the story.

“We had met at Toronto Film Festival… just on the dance floor,” she said.

“I thought [I was a good dancer] until she started dancing and then I felt like I had two left feet,” he added humorously.

What the press didn’t catch on the dance floor of TIFF, they definitely did at this year’s Academy Awards when they sat next to each other at the table. When Alicia Vikander won her first Oscar, he even gave her a kiss on the lips, which sealed the fact that they were going strong. Sadly, he did not win any that night, having been nominated for his performance in Steve Jobs.

“She’s a very fierce performer, very brave. Always testing the boundaries of how far you can go,” he said about her commitment to acting.

The Light Between Oceans may actually a blessing in disguise for the couple. That’s the movie where they were actually cemented as a couple, and the promotional tour may become the chance that they actually fall in love.

Leading up to the tour, the 27-year-old actress admitted that “she’s barely had time to see her family as well as boyfriend Michael Fassbender” due to her busy traveling and filming schedule.

She went to visit him in Sydney, where he was filming Alien: Covenant, but that lasted only about a week before she had to fly back to Los Angeles for her other commitments. Being an Oscar winner is a hard job!

The 39-year-old actor has also been super hesitant about revealing his love for Alicia Vikander. Right before the tour, when a journalist asked him about his dating status, he gave a very cold shoulder.

“The notoriously private Irish star shot down a question on that very notion despite talk being excitedly rife on the subject with the release of the movie’s official trailer this week,” reports the Sydney Morning Herald. “Dropping his toothy grin, and reaching out and giving this reporter a light and unexpected smack on the right shoulder, he replied, ‘nice talking to you’, before turning on his heels and heading off in the direction of the next waiting reporter.”

But now, he doesn’t seem to have any qualms about talking about her in a very positive light.

Another positive thing that comes with the fact that their relationship is becoming highly publicized is that they get to go into public places as a couple. Now that they are in New York together, they didn’t hesitate to go out on a date “at TriBeCa hotspot Nobu on Friday night, leaving the chic Japanese-Peruvian restaurant in style,” according to the Daily Mail.

For the special occasion, the Oscar-winning actress “wore a long, black, button-down velvet dress with a low-cut neckline and pleated skirt” while the Steve Jobs actor got dressed “in navy slacks, a button-down shirt and a blue blazer.”

How do you think they will navigate their very public relationship from now on? Do you think the movie release will help them grow as a couple? Let us know in the comments below!

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