Hillary Clinton Polls Take A Double-Digit Lead After GOP Agrees With President Obama

If the General Election for President of the United States were to happen today and the results were to reflect the most recent Elections 2016 polls, Hillary Clinton would win. Every set of polling data on the Presidential nominees since August 4 has Hillary Clinton ahead, and by a lot. NBC News reported today that for the General Election, Hillary Clinton leads by 10 points.

Closer examination of the multiple media sources of polling data published by Real Clear Politics shows Hillary Clinton ahead in almost every poll since August 4, including double digit leads in key swing states. Hillary Clinton is also leading in states like Georgia and Utah, where she previously fell behind Donald Trump prior to the Democratic National Convention.

Meanwhile, the campaign of Donald Trump, and the Republican party as a whole, appears to be a hot mess. While Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers climbed this week, 50 key players in the Republican party publicly abandoned Donald Trump, citing him as “unfit” and the “most reckless President in U.S. history” according to the New York Times yesterday.

It’s a letter that not only echoes, but essentially repeats the sentiments of President Obama at the recent Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. These key players are being very vocal about who they will not vote for come the general election. It does not appear they like Hillary Clinton much better, but the general consensus seems to be for the GOP, she would be the lesser of two evils at this time.

In light of all of this divisiveness in the GOP camp, former CIA operative Republican Evan McMullin has put his hat in the ring to run for President. There’s no better way to advertise a divided party than with an eleventh hour bid, and a total abandonment of the nominee by key GOP players.

Evan McMullin says though that he believes what everybody else does, that Donald Trump is defeating himself, and that he’s the better candidate. He’s published an open letter to Twitter on why he is running for President.

Despite the fact that Evan McMullin has won no primaries, and missed every deadline to get on the ticket, hasn’t been voted for by a single soul, and hasn’t been nominated by his party, his lack of name recognition alone is leading every political analyst to say he has virtually no chance of success, as the Inquisitr reported yesterday.

One thing is clear, the Republican National Convention that was supposed to unite a clearly divided party has done anything but, and has exposed more cracks in the party than it has healed. It may be too late to fuse those cracks together as clearly, many voters have already made their decision.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is laughing all the way to the polls. NBC News reported today she currently holds a healthy 10-point lead over Donald Trump, with numbers 51 percent to his 41 percent. This is a bump from her 8-point post-convention bump the week prior. Hillary Clinton’s lead in the polls is not only being maintained, but picking up steam, suggesting her numbers are more than just a convention bounce.

Not only is Hillary Clinton maintaining a double digit lead in the polls, but she is picking up key swing states where Donald Trump previously held the advantage. These are states that she will need in order to win the Oval Office. Prior to the Democratic National Convention (DNC), Hillary Clinton was trailing in Georgia by as much as 7 points. Today, Real Clear Politics has her ahead in Georgia with a 4-point lead.

She also trailed in New Hampshire, a state that Donald Trump recently visited and tweeted a large thank you to New Hampshire supporters. August 4 polling data from WBUR now shows Hillary Clinton with a 15-point lead in New Hampshire, as well.

Utah is another state that has voted red historically. The New York Times reports today that the Mormons have a “distaste for Donald Trump,” and may even give Utah to Hillary Clinton. Utah has not supported Democrats since 1964 with Lyndon B. Johnson.

Virginia is another battleground state that Donald Trump needs to win to win the Oval Office, but is another state where Hillary Clinton also holds a double digit lead. A CBC Poll in Virginia shows that 94 percent of registered voters will definitely vote this November, and 75 percent are more motivated to vote this year than any other year. Forty-nine percent of Virginia respondents would pick Hillary Clinton at this time, while only 37 percent would vote for Donald Trump.

An Atlanta Journal Constitution poll reported August 6 gives Hillary Clinton a slim lead in Georgia. It’s not a huge double digit bump — however, she has trailed in this state for many months now. A Detroit Free Press poll reported August 5 gives Hillary Clinton an 11-point lead in Michigan, as well.

Donald Trump also needs key battleground states Pennsylvania and Florida to win the general election. Based on historical precedent and current polling data, he’s not likely to get it. Pennsylvania has voted blue for decades, a trend reflected in current polling from a Franklyn & Marshall poll that gives Hillary Clinton a 13-point lead in Pennsylvania, with 49 percent to Donald Trump’s 38 percent. As of Thursday August 4, Hillary Clinton held a 6-point lead in Florida.

While Hillary Clinton laughs all the way to the polls, the Republican party appears to be advertising what a hot mess they are. In addition to an eleventh hour third party bid by Evan McMullin, 50 key players in the GOP camp have completely abandoned Donald Trump, according to a letter published in the New York Times yesterday, using the word “reckless” when describing Donald Trump as President.

A letter signed by 50 key GOP players was printed in the New York Times yesterday, saying that these players will not only not vote for Donald Trump, but that they think he lacks the character needed to run the Oval Office. Worse, the GOP has now publicly stated that Donald Trump is a risk to the national security of the country.


It’s one of the first times since President Obama took office when the GOP appears to agree with the current President, with the letter saying that it is clear Donald Trump has no idea or “little understanding” of how to deal with matters of national security and foreign policy. President Obama blasted Trump earlier this summer, both in the press and at the Democratic National Convention, saying his NATO comments and friendliness with enemy Russian camps was a reflection of his ignorance of foreign policy.

President Obama has also blasted Donald Trump for his frequent inability to tell the truth, as has Vice President Joe Biden, who referred to Donald Trump’s chronic lies as “malarkey” at the Democratic National Convention. The GOP seems to agree with this, as well. The New York Times reports the letter states Donald Trump is “unwilling to separate truth from falsehood,” that he lacks self control, that he has frightened American allies “with his erratic behavior.”

The GOP agrees with President Obama that these are very dangerous things to have in the President of the United States, and someone who has command of America’s nuclear weapons. In standard form, Donald Trump took to Twitter to respond, saying as follows.

It’s just another example of what President Obama said at the DNC, when he said that all Donald Trump has is “slogans” and that he is selling America short. In essence, the President has said that Donald Trump thinks you are dumb enough to buy his fear-based lies. At the same time, the tweet is a reflection of Donald Trump’s ignorance of how elections operate. Primary standings are very different than general election standings, but Donald Trump keeps banking on his primary wins as if they ensure he is the sure thing for the Oval Office. Hillary Clinton also won a lot of primaries.

It’s a sad day for the Republican party when they publicly agree with the Democratic President. And they know it. Do you think there is any chance for Donald Trump to climb back to the top of the polls now?

[Photo by Andrew Harnick/AP Images]