Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Lied About Fiancé Breakup And Pregnancy

Lindsay Lohan has been dragged into controversies, including pregnancy and a breakup with her fiancé, Egor Tarabasov. Just recently, a shocking video of the 30-year-old actress and her Russian lover having a nasty brawl at the beach leaked online. According to RadarOnline, the fight started when the blonde beauty snatched the cell phone from her boyfriend. Perhaps, Lindsay thought he was speaking to another woman, and she was trying to find the proof on his phone.

During an interview with Mail Online, Lohan confessed that this wasn’t the first time that Tarabasov assaulted her. She admitted that the relationship that she thought would lead to marriage and children is filled with violence and instability. The Freaky Friday star also hinted that she broke up with her fiancé because of the physical abuse.

“I realize now you can’t stay in a relationship just for love,” she said. “No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn’t prepared to say sorry.”

The controversial celebrity didn’t disclose many details regarding the disturbing video stills of their fight in Mykonos. However, she did confirm that she threw her boyfriend’s phone after he took her phone. The former child star claimed that the young businessman drank too much, and that’s why he went crazy when she did that. Watch the video of their controversial fight shared by YJTUBE below:

The Sun shared a video of Lindsay screaming for help outside her apartment balcony while Egor tried talking to her. According to the New York-born actress, they had dinner that night, but when they got home, she woke up and saw him standing over her. She claimed that he was very aggressive and started attacking her.

“I wanted to do this interview because it’s time to tell the truth,” she explained. “There have been so many lies printed about me recently. I’ve kept quiet for so long but now I’m scared of what Egor might do to me and to himself.”

A few days after Lohan’s revelation, there were reports that the famous celebrity is still with Tarabasov. There were reports that the couple, who had been dating for less than a year and announced their engagement earlier this summer, broke up after a series of fights. However, a source close to the actress revealed to RadarOnline that she refuses to leave her fiancé despite the abuse.

“This entire thing has turned into such a mess,” the insider said. “Lindsay put Egor on blast in the interview to save her own face. But truth be told, she is not done with him.”

Lindsay's dad Michael Lohan
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Apart from allegedly lying about her breakup with the Russian businessman, the actress kept denying that she’s pregnant even though her own father claimed that she is having a baby. The Inquisitr previously reported that Michael Lohan explained why he thought his daughter wouldn’t leave her fiancé.

“She texted me and said [she was pregnant]. I’m going to believe what she says,” he told PEOPLE. “I don’t think she’d be that quick to call it off, especially if she was pregnant.”

Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan
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Photos of the Mean Girls star jumping off a yacht, drinking, and smoking surfaced, which worried some fans because she could be endangering her baby. According to Lindsay’s mom, her daughter isn’t an irresponsible pregnant woman because the actress just made up that she’s having a child with her boyfriend.

“Lindsay was just trying to get revenge on Egor — whom she accused of cavorting with a Russian chick — when she claimed she was pregnant,” Dina Lohan told TMZ. “Things got complicated when these pics surfaced, showing her smoking, drinking and certainly looking like she might be pregnant.”

According to the actress’ mom, her daughter just overreacted, and that’s why she lied about her pregnancy. The two also didn’t break up, but Lindsay Lohan wanted to have some time away from Egor Tarabasov. They are still engaged, and she’s allegedly planning to get back with him soon.

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