Josh Duggar No Longer Attending Therapy Sessions, Duggar Son Reportedly 'Cured'

Josh Duggar has been a thorn in the side of his parents for the last several years. Not only did they cover up his misdeeds as a teenager, but he also embarrassed them when it was revealed he was on an adulterous website and had a pornography problem. It has been two years since Duggar's life fell apart. He has welcomed two children since then with his wife, Anna Duggar. The couple was expecting their fourth child when Josh was caught up in the scandal, and they welcomed their fifth child just a few weeks ago.

The couple has been out of the spotlight for the better part of two years. Josh Duggar was whisked away to a sex rehabilitation center in Illinois at the end of 2015. He was under treatment for six months and then returned home to Arkansas. Duggar had reportedly been in therapy since returning home, but that may no longer be the case. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Josh Duggar is no longer attending therapy because he is "cured." Of course, critics have had a field day with this statement. He believes he has rectified his wrongs and asked for forgiveness enough times to be able to move on. Josh wants a new beginning, and this is how he plans to get it.

With the Duggar family embroiled in controversy right now with Derick Dillard, Josh Duggar has fallen by the wayside. The critics are less focused on his every move and are more interested in his brother-in-law's social media antics. Josh is worried about getting his life back, and with the spotlight away from him, it is the perfect time to move forward. Critics are upset by the word "cured" being used when it comes to Duggar. The entire scandal was a nightmare for the family and the viewers. He got treatment for his sex addiction but not for what he did to his sisters over a decade ago.

Counting On will likely never allow Josh Duggar to be filmed again. Anna Duggar has been seen on the show and taped a segment when Josh was in rehab, but for the most part, the two stay away from the cameras. They are invited to every family function, but they are edited out of the footage when it airs. Josh has reportedly been adjusting well to life with a fifth child, and the couple remains happy despite their troubling few years of marriage. Duggar will have to live with what he's done for his entire life, even if it costs him opportunity after opportunity.

[Featured Image by Josh Duggar/Twitter]