Is Former CIA Agent And Republican Evan McMullin The Right Alternative To Donald Trump?

Evan McMullin, a little-known former CIA agent and congressional staffer, is planning to put an end to the faction among the row of the Republicans after several members remain skeptical about Trump’s candidacy.

According to Reuters, McMullin tags himself as a GOP alternative to Trump even though there is “virtually no chance” of him winning. But who is he really?

McMullin was first introduced in an article published in BuzzFeed stating that he is a 40-year-old CIA veteran and the chief policy director of the House Republican who first revealed his plans to run for presidency on Monday.

According to BuzzFeed, McMullin’s campaign is being supported by Republicans who refuse to support Donald Trump as the standard bearer of their party. Citing unnamed sources, the outlet also revealed that the former CIA officer also has the backing of a group known as “Better for America” which is known for seeking an alternative to Donald Trump.

Unlike his contenders in the presidential race, McMullin is the last person you would expect to run a country. Unlike Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, he never held an elective position. But instead of getting rich like Trump, he spent most of his career in the CIA.

McMullin is unmarried and at his young age finished his MBA at Wharton in 2011. After that, he went on a stint at Goldman Sachs then proceeded to work at the Capitol Hill as a policy wonk.

In the statement announcing his candidacy, he criticized both Trump and Clinton. He said that both of them are not fit to unite the United States of America and explained that the country needs a better option other than these two.

“Like millions of Americans, I had hoped this year would bring us better nominees who, despite party differences, could offer compelling visions of a better future,” a statement from McMullin reads.

“Instead, we have been left with two candidates who are fundamentally unfit for the profound responsibilities they seek.”

Evan McMullin Slams Hillary Clinton
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“Hillary Clinton is a corrupt career politician who has recklessly handled classified information in an attempt to avoid accountability and put American lives at risk, including those of my former colleagues,” McMullin wrote about the Democratic candidate.

The former CIA agent also said that Clinton is the type of politician that should not be trusted with the welfare of a nation because she “fails the basic tests of judgment and ethics” for such position.

Evan McMullin Challenges Trump for Presidency
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Meanwhile, McMullin said that his fellow Republican Donald Trump “appeals to the worst fears of Americans” and incites division at a time when the country needs unity the most.

“Republicans are deeply divided by a man who is perilously close to gaining the most powerful position in the world, and many rightly see him as a real threat to our republic,” he added.

There is no doubt that McMullin has a steep climb from where he is now with the presidential race already coming fast. In fact, Reuters sees his rise as an almost impossible task, saying that the best he could do is to become a “spoiler” to Donald Trump’s inevitable win.

This is because aside from the fact that he has very little in terms of campaign financial support, it will be virtually impossible for McMullin to be able to add his name to ballots in some states particularly the ones that could significantly impact the results of the November elections.

In Texas, the only chance an independent or third-party candidate could get into the presidential race is to acquire over 79,000 signatures from residents who voted for neither the Republican nor the Democratic.

Aside from that, the deadline for filing of such appeal has already lapsed in May so McMullin can no longer be added to the Texas ballot. He also faces the same situation for North Carolina, Illinois, and Florida, all of which could have made a significant effect in the November presidential elections.

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