Obama Flag Decried As Narcissistic, Disrespectful: Did The President Desecrate Old Glory?

The so-called Obama Flag, as we reported yesterday, has sparked a tremendous amount of uproar aimed at the President, after his campaign released an image that many feel is disrespectful to the flag and all it stands for — symbolic, they say, of a desire to “fundamentally change” the US.

The Obama flag is actually a campaign design, overlaying stripes where the 50 states are, and up in the corner by Washington and Oregon, the stars portion is replaced with an Obama campaign symbol. The Obama flag is stylized and retro, a kind of watercolor wash design selling as a print for $35 to raise funds for President Obama’s re-election.

But who would do such an arrogant thing to the flag? Does King Obama think he is someone special, that he can just come along and make his own Obama flag to support his Kenyan Muslim Hawaiian re-election campaign? I mean seriously! What is wrong with this guy? What. A. Snob.

We’ve heard comments that it’s insulting to soldiers, who went off and fought for the flag. We have heard that it’s typical of O’Bummer to think he is some sort of special snowflake, warranting an Obama flag all his own to commemorate his historic presidency.

But, as with many Obama controversies, it seems our friends over at Fox News are only reporting the incendiary half of the store. Oh, you sneaky Petes! It turns out, altering or riffing on the flag is an election tradition as old as Abraham Lincoln himself, and wait for it.

obama flag lincoln

Ronald Reagan, yes, the Patron Saint of Fox News, himself actually altered the flag for his campaign years back. And if you think Obama’s flag is narcissistic, check out this version:

obama flag reagan

So, the Obama flag controversy seems to be much ado about nothing. Were you enraged when you saw the Obama flag at first?