‘Big Brother 18’: Who Deserves Safety Next Week? [Opinion]

Big Brother 18 has been full of many questionable moves and very few power moves. The men are running the house and picking off the women one by one. Next week, the third care package will be delivered to a new contestant. As fans get ready to cast their vote, there are several conversations happening across social media. Who deserves a week of safety? There are a few names being tossed around, but one in particular is standing out.

It appears that Paulie is running the entire BB house right now. He is calling every single shot, and all of the contestants are letting it slide. James is holding all the power, with canceling out two eviction votes this week, which could change whether or not Michelle or Zakiyah ends up evicted on Thursday night. According to Big Brother Leak, Nicole and Paul have offered to let James cancel their votes. Choosing who should get safety is more important than ever at this point, and it looks like America is feeling like the underdog might be the best move.

Bridgette has been all alone since Frank was evicted. The house turned against her almost immediately, and she was isolated. Not only is she playing Big Brother completely on her own, the other contestants are treating her poorly. Michelle was worried America would view her as a bully because of how she was acting toward Bridgette. With James and Natalie out of the running for safety this week, Bridgette’s name has been floating around a lot. She would be grateful for a week of peace, and it may be enough to help her get her head back in the game.

Right now, Paulie is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way outside of the BB house. His treatment of Zakiyah is one of the main reasons, but his arrogance is right up there, as well. If the other contestants don’t learn to stand up to him, he will end up in the final two and walk away with the prize on finale night. Giving him safety this week would be a big mistake and could seal the deal for him winning this season of Big Brother.

Nicole is going to lose her mind if she doesn’t receive a care package from America. She keeps telling everyone how much she was approached after she left the BB house. There was talk about followers on social media, people asking for pictures, and other wild things that came with the fame of being a contestant on the hit CBS game show. Nicole is staying steadily in the middle of everything, and will likely be picked off in a week or two without fail.

Victor and Paul have remained bros since he came back into the game. These two are competition beasts and will likely not receive the care package for safety. They are able to battle for their lives and will likely not be nominated if the other wins Head of Household. Social media talk has indicated that Paul may abandon Victor to ride with Paulie to the end and if he does, it will be a huge mistake on his part. Big Brother is all about alliances and backstabbing, but this is one time you shouldn’t abandon your friend. Paulie would sacrifice Paul in a heartbeat, but Victor would likely remain loyal until he had no other choice.

The most logical choice would be voting for Bridgette to earn the care package. It would ensure someone else was evicted over her and give her a fighting shot. She isn’t as dumb as some of the other contestants believe she is, and that could work to her advantage. From the looks of it on social media, Big Brother fans are behind the idea of saving Bridgette. There are a few different votes being cast, but it is almost safe to say that she will likely be the recipient of the care package for the upcoming week.

[Image via CBS]