‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers And Scheduling Details: What Is Set To Happen In Salem After The Summer Hiatus?

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there is plenty of chaos and drama on the way for many throughout Salem, but folks are going to have to hang tight and wait a bit to see what happens next. The series is on a brief hiatus, but there is a new preview out that shares plenty of teasers regarding what is on the way. What do viewers have to look forward to when the series returns?

The last that everybody saw, Aiden had managed to take over Justin’s job, Tate was still missing, Hope and Rafe had made love, and Chad, Jennifer, and JJ were heartbroken over Abigail’s supposed death. Spoilers via the new preview indicate that there will be significant action on all of those fronts when DOOL resumes, and there are jaw-dropping returns on the way as well.

As We Love Soaps shares, Brady and Theresa will soon be reunited with Tate. Luckily, the little boy will be just fine, but that doesn’t mean that the drama is over on this front. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Victor will be arrested for the kidnapping, but fans know that there is at least one mysterious and foreign woman seemingly involved in the scheme to kidnap Tate. In addition, Sonny points the finger at Deimos, suspecting that Deimos set Victor up to take the fall.

Chad and Jennifer have been battling with one another for custody of Thomas, but some wonder if this supposed confirmation of Abigail’s death might serve to bring them back together again. Fans know that Abigail is still alive, but it will take a while yet before she is back in the mix of things.

Kate Mansi left the role and toward the end of the year, Marci Miller will begin to appear as Abigail. In the wake of the bad news they received, Chad and Jennifer will both struggle to cope with the fact that Abigail is supposedly gone. Will Chad sink into drinking again and Jennifer go back to pills as they both grieve?

Deimos is pushing hard for Nicole to build a future with him, and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that things will get quite hot between the two. He asks Nicole to move into the mansion with him, but could Chloe’s pregnancy tear them apart? Philip will offer to pretend to be the baby’s father to help Chloe, but SheKnows Soaps reveals that Nicole will still be suspicious and question her friend regarding the baby’s paternity.

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Maggie has her surgery that Deimos orchestrated, and everybody will be anxious to see if it is successful. Kayla has been struggling with her health, as well, and DOOL spoilers reveal that she will be having an accident and major crisis in the episodes ahead. It looks as if this crisis may finally be the catalyst to bring Steve and Kayla back together again, but there will be some heartbreaking moments along the way.

Aiden now has a lot of power, as he has taken over Justin’s job, and spoilers note that he will be making a bold move regarding Hope. Previews reveal that Aiden will be meeting with Hope, although she is not particularly happy to see him. He is ready to record a confession from Hope regarding Stefano’s murder, but everybody will have to wait and see how he thinks he will compel her to come clean. How evil will Aiden get as he works with Andre and seeks control and revenge?

The upcoming fall and winter episodes have some big appearances that generated a lot of buzz. Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease return as Shane and Kim, and Kassie DePaiva is back as Eve. Viewers will also see Leann Hunley return in the role of Anna, and people are dying to see how this comes about. In addition, Brady and Theresa will finally be ready to tie the knot, but a trio of unwelcome guests will turn everything upside down.

DOOL spoilers from the preview tease that Clyde, Xander, and Orpheus will band together to break out of prison. Each of these men has targets in Salem they want to see suffer, and their timing will coincide with the big wedding. Clyde is seen confronting Kate, while Xander is anxious to take down the excited bride as she had previously and falsely accused him of rape.


Show fans may have a tougher time remembering Orpheus and his evil deeds, as his time torturing people in town happened many years ago. His antics included targeting both Marlena and Kayla due to his fury with Roman, who had accidentally killed his wife, and now Orpheus is back and looking to kill everybody he can.

Will Orpheus, Xander, or Clyde be successful in their plots to take down those who they feel wronged them? DOOL fans might want to worry a bit about Theresa, given the fact that Jen Lilley is leaving the show later this year. However, little has been revealed as of yet regarding the timing or storyline that will pave the way to Lilley’s exit.

Did Victor really orchestrate Tate’s kidnapping? Will Clyde, Xander, or Orpheus cause anybody’s death during their escape? How far will Aiden and Andre go and will Steve be able to nurse Kayla back to health again? Can Chad and Jennifer find a way to make peace with one another in the wake of Abigail’s supposed death?

Days of Our Lives is on hiatus until Monday, August 22 due to the Rio Olympics airing on NBC, but it is clear that the show’s return will bring big, juicy storylines that will have everybody buzzing.

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